Congress, Mueller Muller, Justice Department discussed on Howie Carr


Messages were so politically incendiary in seoul threatened the integrity of mob muller's already compromised the investigation that struck was quietly canned over the summer from the special counsel team where he was a pivotal participant did muller or anyone else notified congress that both the trump investigation as was the clinton case before it what corrupted by this corrupt agent of course not this was covered up mueller muller certainly sure we know that if the truth will reveal that would further discredit a trump rusher probe that had already taken on this bench of dead fish the house intelligence committee could smell that stench and knew something was amiss at the demand that he answers but the justice department and the fbi refused to respond or otherwise produce relevant documents that the committee subpoenaed they're still doing that they are still stonewalling many of congress is valid requested should now face contempt charges you just heard the cuts they're still going this is trump's own a point day to replace call me at the fbi went up the capitol hill today had stonewalled the republican members of congress it's it's ridiculous somebody at seventy one tax tax me at the six say 6'8 i'll they found thirty thousand emails on carlos dangerous computer before the election last year super mega special aged struck went through the mall in two days why did they need months the go through 10000 tax that's a very good question the.

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