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George Lincoln and Holland I'm going it's up our next appointment for one on ten ten wins now the ten ten wins accu weather four day forecast this is sponsored by the Touro college school of career and applied studies here's meteorologist John ferret a beautiful afternoon across the tri state area will have a nice evening comfortable night tonight mostly clear in the mid fifties and a few summers by morning sixty amid town and tomorrow beautiful once again maybe not as much of a breeze tomorrow but still low humidity plenty of sun will top out at seventy eight and mostly clear tomorrow night sixty two little bit warmer Tuesday still low humidity mostly sunny high eighty four and then Wednesday warmer more humid partly sunny breezy high eighty one Thursday mostly cloudy a shower thunderstorm in the area high up near eighty right outside the park seventy five with sunshine in the thirty percent when northwest at sixteen repeated occurrence after seventy five going down sixty amid town America weather meteorologist John fear come York's weather station ten ten wins when sings time three fifty three there are times when our need to connect really matters Comcast business is prepared for these times powered by the nation's largest XP that work tools to do business from anywhere an expert here twenty four seven but every connection counts you can count on us learn more at Comcast business dot com forward slash response hi Lucy from Texas here with more of our time spent at home it was inevitable that our dishwasher stopped working luckily I'm a member of American home shield I went online to request service and then a qualified local contractor came out to fix the problem it didn't matter that my dishwasher was over ten years old because American home shield covers parts of up to twenty one home systems and appliances regardless of age if they can't repair your covered item.

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