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Game bob euchre on brewers radio brewers beat the cardinals two to one elsewhere in the national league rockies eleven marlins three padre six giants to the dodgers over the mets five to two phillies twelve nationals to thirteen diamondbacks to pirates won the right beat the cubs six to three in the american league the royals at astros were scoreless ninth etiquette houston is come set brings the pitch home a swing and a drive to centerfield that's really deep and it's gonna get all the way to the wall incomes modesty harare second he is going for third the throw is not in time and the royals take a one nothing lead what a ninth inning for rose sal harare the royals radio the royals beat the astros one to nothing elsewhere in the american league angels to bluejays worn as white sox split a double header as take the opener eleven to the white sox take team to six two four right socks with a five run seven th outlast the mariners fourteen the ten indians ten tigers nothing raise over the yankees two to one and it was the rangers over the twins by a score of eight to one interleague in fifteen innings the orioles beat the braves ten seven bluejays closer roberto suna suspended without pay seventy five games for violating major league baseball is domestic violence policy now to the world cup then no contest in the first batch of the day yes.

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