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Welcome to the wordpress photography. Podcast the PODCAST for photographers. Who Want to learn how to get the most out of wordpress to grow their photography business. You don't need to be a geek to understand. Wordpress settled back and listen as we show you how. Now here's your host Scott Widen Kipah wits. Welcome to episode one hundred. My name is Scott Widened giveaways and today we are celebrating one hundred episodes of wordpress education and around in three years of this podcast at the time of recording. This wordpress five point four is around the corner by the time. This episode is live. Were five point four. Might already be here. It might be released into the wild with five point. Four comes to new core blocks. These are blocks. That will be every install of wordpress this social icon block will make it so easy for you to share your social follow buttons and icon anywhere on your website. There were being new buttons block which ally to have multiple buttons in one block with multiple configurations and variations for each button. But then there's the latest post block which already exists in wordpress but it's getting some improvement. It will have a little bit of additional styling end the ability to display featured images as well the block editor is also getting a new tablet and mobile phone preview in the editor. This is something that other page builder plug INS already offer. And now it's coming to wordpress but this is likely not coming to where has five point? Four two probably be in wordpress five point five. I don't know for sure that one is still sort of being created now all of these things. Move the block editor in wordpress closer and closer to making page builders less important less needed for your web design the block editor is getting more powerful. It's fast it's easy and it's awesome now here images that we are very excited about the block editor and the future of wordpress. In fact we are working on a brand new theme framework for all of our brands and that will be recommending the use of the block editor and even using it for page designs we will be recommending third party page builder plug in for the block editor. It's called cadence and this will remain until the Word Press Corps Block editor. Has All the blocks customization control that. The third party page builder plug in for the block. Editor has wanted to block. Editor is as robust. That doesn't warrant a third party block editor plugging. We will remove it but until then we will be recommending cadence now. The good news is that we have done extensive code review testing and we're using in real world situations. Cadence is by far the best coated the fastest and the most robust page builder plug in for the block editor. Now cadences free. And that's the one we will be recommending but there is a premium version which we won't be supplying but that's available to anybody who will want it but because it's free means you can ready install cadence on your site and get started using it even before. Our Framework is complete. And that's a beautiful thing now to further celebrate wordpress. I asked in my wordpress four photographers facebook group. I asked over twenty one hundred people a question. What is your favorite part about were breasts? Here's what a few of those twenty one hundred plus members had to say. Craig said it's free. Angela said flexibility. Darryl said EASE OF USE. Linda said free and lots of options. Derek said lots of plug INS. Fatima said easy to use. Neil said my favorite part is how easy it is to use for. Complete website and Adrian said is the use and flexibility. And it's free an infinite amount of plug INS available to do pretty much what you want in a simple way so here at imagery we are celebrating. One hundred episodes of this podcast. Podcast is not ending. We're still in the beginning. If there's something you would like to see here from in the podcast please just comment that image dot com slash podcast slash one hundred. I want to hear from you. And if you something you'd like to share about what you love about wordpress you can also comment with that image dot com slash podcast slash. One hundred now. Wordpress is already running. Five percent of the web. Thirty five percent of all web sites are running wordpress and that is growing a lot every single year there are constantly new website platforms that arise come out of the word work. Some of which are four photographers specifically. Some of which are not in the food industry has a ton of competition right. Now you show it you have good gallery. Pixie set sights you now have square sites. You even have Google sites connected to Goule my business. Even Adobe has their own portfolio plan which for websites there are a ton of website platforms out there many of which still require wordpress for some of the capabilities of the websites. Some of which are built on wordpress some of which mimic what were press can do or at least try to and really soon. I don't know how soon but really soon we will be able to relaunch immensely site and I'm so excited for that because that is going to be a game changer. Further photography industry and anybody who has ever said we're presses difficult were too time consuming to manage annoying to manage to maintain. We're solving that problem. And we're making it very affordable so if you would like to find out exactly when emily sites relaunches go to immensely dot com slash sites and you can enter email address to find out when there's a lot that we have going on at Image. Louis with this podcast n beyond and we are very excited for what we can do for you. We are very excited to see what you're doing with wordpress and we're very excited about where press in general and where it is headed. No please remember this podcast. While it is called the wordpress photography podcast is about more than just wordpress. It is about your online presence. Your online marketing. It's even about your offline presence in your offline marketing. We're talking photography business but we always try to connect it back to your photography website. So I just WanNa say thank you. Thank you for sitting through listening. Whatever you're doing running jogging biking whatever it is however wherever whenever you're listening or watching this podcast thank you for doing it. Thank you for subscribing wherever you subscribe and I've one thing to ask. Please leave a review of the podcast. In addition to your requests in your comments on on each episode where for future episodes of review will help other photographers like yourself. Find the PODCAST and we want to be able to educate and connect with as many photographers as possible. So please if you listen on Apple podcasts if you listen on spotify or Pandora Google play wherever you listen. Leave a review. We appreciate it immensely dot com slash podcast slash one hundred that is the URL for today's episode. You can comment. You can ask questions whatever you want. You can do it at that. Url. I can't wait to see you in episode one. Oh one I don't know what we're GONNA do and one zero one but was the there you've been listening to the word press photography podcast to listen to other episodes and to subscribe to the podcast by tuned. Stitcher Google play and more. Please visit immensely. Dot Com forward slash podcast?.

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