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Jordan Lebron, MVP, Michael discussed on KHNR


Doc best defender out jordan lebron is has now jordan nine times as a player gotta deep is the older player in history to win the to win the mvp the scoring title and the defense the player of the year no one is never done that so hands down jordan lebron is doors some outrageous things right now and if he went to championship as the best player and the mvp then i most definitely probably but just sitting him better than door because that come back from three one yeah that's true champion just for me i saying i hear what you're saying i agree mostly what what you're saying i think you oversimplified a little bit that michael is the best offensive player in the best defensive player lebron certainly a better rebounder and i consider rebounding part of defense every once in a while you get off into rebounds but you get many more defensive rebounds prevention you do offense and that's why i'm not just ready to say michael jordan is a better defended than lebron manoa mono staying in front of his man using his quickness and ability to get up and block a shot every once in a while i'll give you a nod i'll give you michael over lebron but part of defense is rebounding and lebron lebron wanted to lebron could average double digit rebounds a game he doesn't because he needs to get outside and depend on the perimeter and he plays guys usually that are playing on the other side of the arc so he's not going to get as many rebounds as he's physically capable of getting everyone to could believe me.

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