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Me that wonders you know if you do it every year if we pick apart these teams and say that they're not good enough and we pick apart these coaches and we say like do you really think let's throw us i brian stevens gregg popovich recoil who everything of the four five best guys right okay so the rest of the guys do you really think that the raptors outcome in this series would have been dramatically different with the different coach probably not i i think i think that also on the flip side chris is the argument you know a lot of raptors fans are like fire doing casey fire during casing it's like well sure you can poke holes at sun them some decisions when it comes to calling plays or lineups he puts the game he's deaf certainly not a perfect coach he took until this season to overhaul the system right like took long enough to start having a team shoot more threes and move the ball he certainly flawed coach but if you're toronto it's like well short but he's also had a really successful season what is the alternates i if you're toronto when you're when you're messiah cheery and your your that front office and ownership and you're making that choice you need to be sure that whoever the a potential replacement would be is actually an upgrade just to clarify i do think guys nurse there assistant coaches highly regarded across the league i think he would be you know a realistic choice if they were gonna look internally well here's what i'll say the the casey thing i think he did a good job this year but you know the playoffs is where you make your money right you are only making your adjustments for the team that you are playing against and you're seeing them it's not a one off game right you're not getting the play a tuesday night and saying tonio or they may be flying from a back to back against whatever i mean you are now this is this is the money time for players at the money time for coaches and if you have successive failures now i'm going to say if you're gonna fire him because he's.

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