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Prominent place you can evaluate how traffic from that region has been impacted but it doesn't happen in a day right. People are looking at that billboard for six months and then they decide. okay. I'm ready to buy something from search metrics now on the flip side. Seo is a channel that you can't evaluate in real time but it also takes a long time to cultivate the channel when you think about evaluating the two channels what's similar and what's different about brand versus seo. Can i just as china before we jump into that question. It was just regarding how you justifying spending money on the brand. I just read an interview with one of the analytics execs at addidas where they had uncovered that the granting had actually had a big impact on sales than they originally anticipated so this article is talking a lot about how much money you spend on any kind of performance marketing online and they've been focused too much on the short term wins so their investors and actually when i read the story. Oh wow. I heard the story so many times at different companies. I've worked at and we do look short term. People expect results right now and you forget about the grand story. You forget about that long term impacts that branding actually having when you too focused on the short term result so i would encourage able to look it up as an article. I can just find the name for a year and have a look and it helps. If you're in the digital marketing space or analytic space it really start multi touch depreciation and the power brand on the shopping and buyer journey in same called addidas reordering invested in digital advertising. So definitely recommend it and wanted to share that. That's very much related. So what we're talking about today. Yeah absolutely and i think that we're in a world right now where everyone is so focused on counting every click and evaluating things in real time and often you know you can't just make micro optimizations minute by minute to try to get past a certain threshold at some point mrs khanna classic growth stage businesses. You start with your performance marketing ads. You can validate that. There is a product market fit. You could start to get your customer start to get data but at some point when you hit a certain level of growth. You just can't spend any more efficiently you need to start building the awareness for your brand and that gets into a brand marketing and part of that is seo and so talk to me a little bit about the complement and how seo can serve as a branding channel shore. I actually had quite a lot of experiences. Reputation management in a career. Were still going search so early. In my career i worked for a company that did take on some julius businesses or small business owners who had gotten themselves system trouble with the laurels in trouble with customers and people had been writing about it on line and when people people that brand name will google the name. There was a lot of negativity showing up so seo can play a role in branding and these kinds of circumstances where you really want to control. It will stay in organic search results when they will keep for your brand. So i would guess that. At minimum twenty five senator audience listening right now now. He's about this. There have anything to do with as the higher percentage of people in the know about this. I think is your grand or thinking about branding. And its relevance to reputation management is. The topic is hoping seo is about fisher. And i think that s you can definitely serve as a brand channel and more now ever than before a you can create content to introduce your brand to someone who is searching for a general topic. Somebody's looking for shoes. If you have shoe content that shows up at the top of their search. They're going to be introduced. Your brand might not be something. That is a direct conversion related topic. But you can create content to serve as branding channel and to there is the notion of you know the zero. Click the voice search. The google answer box types responses which is now being seen as brand. Seo when you think about evaluating how seo can impact your brand. How do you sort of count the uncountable. How do you tell whether the zero in box searches are driving results or whether the content you have that someone clicked on that included your brand and a list. How do you evaluate with that stuff. Works or not now. I really liked the. they stopped. Actually because this is zero top in the early days when this was happening. I remember a lot of my clients. Were annoyed about it. Like oh doing no one's going to click through and it was really an interesting time in transition. Then you have companies. At and i fear. Remember that this website about dot com. It was everywhere for every you asked. And this is a huge branding exercise so if you or your website you'll company you showing up for answers for multiple questions on a similar topic. This is huge. Feo brand this is absolutely huge. And if you're showing an answer box as well in the not clicking through this is most social definitely for impact perspective. Because if they're not clicking three is a very good chance they didn't stay in the name of your company while they it the answer. They wanted but where it's exciting. It's what you mentioned the questions. The questions that show up and people click through to get the answers that looking for he really wanted to be there in my takeaway is that there's a lot of overlap between brand marketing in seo and as we compare it seo's a performance marketing channel in our last episode talking about paid social. It does have performance marketing capabilities. It also has brand enhancing capabilities. And so when you're thinking about comparing your seo strategy to your brand with seo you can create a marketing channel that has a long lasting brand impact that you don't continually have to pay for you're not buying the media all of the time and you can start to establish your brand and introduce yourself to prospective customers who previously haven't been introduced to your brand. Do think that similar to brand marketing. Seo takes a long time to cultivate potential and so the channels are somewhat similar in that capacity. And they're somewhat similar in at times they can be difficult to track but over time you could really understand how each channel impacting your business at a macro scale and that wraps up this episode of the voices of search podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with lillian. Huzzah director of european marketing search. Metrics join us again tomorrow when we talk about our next. Seo battle seo versus sem. If you can't wait till then and you're interested in contacting lynn you can find a link to her linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact. Her on. twitter handle is lil- online l. i. l. l. o. n. l. i n. Or you could visit her company's website which is search metrics dot com a special thanks to search metrics for sponsoring this podcast. 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