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Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning into the liberty. Report with me today Daniel mcadam Sarko host Daniel. Good to see you today. How are you this morning? Dr Paul doing well good with a little bit of good news and a little bit of caution in a little bit bad news picks it all together. But. The main thing is hope there will always be a little bit of revelation of truth that is what we see. The truth will make us free if we ever get that out but there are some things in I sorta described that truth is leaking out. You know here now and then we read the articles in we get SORTA excited with somebody saying you. Know what the data and things we've been saying from the very beginning as others have we, we didn't have a monopoly on warning people, but you know early on when this thing broke, we were pretty much upfront on what we thought was happening. Of course, it probably got a little bit worse. I never believed there would be this much control and this must. Rolling over the people and not objecting. But now we're getting it and I think this is important more serious writing done to challenge some of these misunderstandings and this this to me I think is good. One one side effects from this I hope is true is you know there's a lot and we'll talk about you know sales immunizations. Maybe, this will stir in the midst of all the fake news and and the politicians be involved in productivity innocent. Hopefully, they'll be some scientists out there and the physicians who are on the right track. Maybe there'd be some good discoveries in spite of it all rather than all the distortion, and that's that's what's really been going on there there have been. A little bit better understanding about T-. Sales. Immunizations and and win. This can occur that to me is is very positive because even the average physician including myself we we're not naturally experts on this I. Don't think I've ever heard to where t sale in medical school. And so there's here's some serious thinking going on here and finding out that just maybe with the new knowledge you'll say why in the world did we ever do this and then we'll have enough..

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