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Against The Odds


Finding an above ground. Entrance is just one of the many ideas tie command considers. The first is a plan to construct a tube that's miles long and as wide as a manhole for the boys to crawl out of but they soon realize the jagged rocks and violent current would make a tube like this completely impossible when that ideas ruled out the tie efforts shifts focus keeping the boys alive inside of the cave until monsoon season ends and then the boys can walk out but oxygen levels are running low so the need to get some more air into them. The military quickly works up a plan for an auction house. That will run from outside of the cave all the way into chamber nine soon. The busy rescue site becomes even more hectic trucks rolling with schools of hose. The hose is heavy and it takes dozens of workers to enroll it and drag it into the entrance. The farther they go the harder gets but they keep going what other options they have. Rick stanton is frustrated. He can't believe the seals didn't consult anyone before they sent their teams into the cave. At least the doctor down there now. But why didn't they bring any food. But he and john have an ally master sergeant. Derek anderson on the american special ops anderson is one of the most critical thinkers in the camp and he can get things. Done the perfect skill set or a situation like this. When rick and john tell anderson what the boys need most now is food. anderson suggests 'em are east emory's or meals ready to eat our military rations. each one has about one thousand two hundred fifty calories. We have more than one hundred of them. Anderson tells the men if everyone eats one meal. A day of food will last about a week. It'll buy us some time to figure out next steps but each meal ways half a pound. How will they get them. All in rick polls attitude three feet long. We can put them in these. The tube is neutrally buoyant which means in water. It won't sink or rise that divers can pull the cargo directly behind them anderson. Grins looks like we have a plan. Anderson's team helps rick and john. Pack up the food and prepare for another long trip to chamber nine before they leave sergeant anderson hands rick a handheld device when you get in there. Let's get an oxygen reading on the chamber..

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