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Werewolf. We're going to have a werewolf break so the entire audience audience can collectively discuss it and place bets on who's going to be the werewolf language need more of that. What movie was that. I think i watched it on your suggest. <hes> <hes> his great cast in it <hes> is it the one that takes place at the mansion. Were all the people gather on an island or something yeah charles gray. Hey is in it. <hes> who'd gone to play microsoft homes and played bluefield handsome picture show. They're making seven. Yes oh and also a young <hes>. What's his name that played <hes> dumbledore was in it. Richard harris richard here the other one the main dumbledore oh michael gambon. That's what i'm thinking. Oh yeah. I believe he's in it. As well. We are really far afield didn't know i mean that's pretty ephemeral stuff that you're talking about their human life yeah no. That's that's that's one of the things. I think that makes it so special. I mean you know there's a great matt puts. It really really really nicely in that interview talking about you. Pull that tape recorder out of the closet and you put the tape in you hit. Play on it and you hear the heads heads the tape cassette start spinning and you hear a voice from the grave. Come and say hello to you. We just found my family. We just found a tape recording of my my dad's. Dad's dad passed away. When i was nine months old i had never heard his voice until my aunt jennifer found this tape for the last for the season finale of the ephemeral episode. She found that like two days before the episode came out and we cut it in and i had never heard my grandfather's voice before a starts..

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