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Because i look at it now what does he have to truly lose right like i be even by him like he's not going to get it and like let's say that he is guilty right in your innocent guilty i understand up but it but just for the sake of this argument is there any worst punishment that he's going to get like if he found out that he's guilty he's listen his job right like that that's that's going to happen but by him going to this press conference in convincing everybody if he is truly guilty nothing changed that he lied to us right it won't be the first time it's happened in sports like so i guess he has nothing to lose by doing it i'm just trying to play reverend out but but but does that chains by him saying i never did it in a in a in a postgame press conference like biron metcalfe asking him to hey did you do this in him saying i did not in a postgame press conference doing your convincingly in not the efc is not sitting there going will we're going to add four point five years to his jail sentence like that that that doesn't change it just changes are public perception right well i mean depend on what happens it could change the scrutiny from the fbi this is an ongoing investigation that they shawn miller also know that he would take down a lotta people with them if in fact he's line i think the brian bronze and guys like that what what are they going to lose they had a bunch of money even if they were banned they were still going to be okay allowed these guys did it when they were retired masamune was still in the middle of his career and host a called for a long time and you know i mean this is a guy who doesn't want his career in all of this i'm sure so so again that as a means not lion but it does mean i think the stakes are as high as the ever been for anyone who's kombi force and said hey look that report is false i'm telling the truth believe me i think there are a lot of domino's that.

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