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Of his day watching the twitter fronts today and he was. An incredible event is to go and watch the tour. I mean it's everything you expect. More truly is a circus and especially in door. It shoots the whole country so i wrote down i wrote the bash. Elise awesome atmosphere absolutely incredible. Hundreds thousands of people got like fifty meters two to the top turned around which was a bit of a problem because then the police letting ride down. So i'd like i'd ride hundred and fifty meters get told off by the police. I get told to walk ride. Wait till they're outside. Ride new two meters. Repeat over and over again. Until i got to the bottom went down into door that it's try and watch it realize this is quite difficult to watch it from a good viewpoint. The finish line without one of those special yellow line yards which are which richard and co have died. Unfortunately don't back the bottom beverly's watching him with a couple of the grenadier staff which was nice to chat some guys just just like the tour. I mean everything. Does everything ee. Don't see this side of a bike race when you're when you're competing you don't understand. The roads are closed hours before. You've got to plan in advance where you want to be. I mean i feel like. I could write a whole like article on guys watching the tour de france i mean. I'm such a rookie. I i miss many things. I didn't during side and take water. Asas anything. I didn't take food. Sorry just seventy things but the see. How quickly came past. Was i just know. The league is is a little things. That's four helicopters always in the sky. There's a million or more motorbikes and then the caravan. I've never seen in my life. I was kind of like a kid. I wrote back up and then team calls a criminal. Hotels up and kind of action is a relatively recognizable. Jerseys are getting beach on the team. 'cause ours guy. It's just kind of live in a race. I raised a lot. These will teams. There's a podcast which was just like joe. Three years ago would have found. This insanely cool. I'm tony jarrett in two thousand twenty. One still cool fully caravans actually in massive car park outside my apartment. So i can see all that. We're now yes sorry. Richard did invite me to to record. Tonight's episode of the cycling. Podcast put unafraid. I've got a date with with football coming home so sorry wretched book certain things do do tape With you have this cycling. Podcast england one of those. Sorry joel laverick there and what. We're about to say goodbye again to kate. Kate case speechless kate. Katie are you still there kate. I truly am sad. Except for the fact that i will see you in the mix literally every single day every day and we're going to hear from you and your audience. It's not goodbye and we will not be saying goodbye. After the tour de france alerts. No of course no your podcast family as well as a friend of course beyond honored considering just a few months ago. I was listening to cycling podcasts. As a friend of the podcast with my When i drew when i made my illustrations about i'm going to check the european can find my my personal. Yeah no no. It's all coming all right now. Look as it's been wonderful having we've had two episodes already of your audio. Diaries both absolutely brilliant excited for the third one. Because it's actually a reflection on my time here at the toward france which would have been great safar phenomenal reaction from listeners. So i'm very excited. Wonderful asset great company. Enough enough of this. I know this. Oh sappy yeah my style. So before we go cage. I i will need you. I can't sing. Sorry a little bit line here and you. You just have to say at the end of it. Axe man okay. So i know so. Okay francois out ill-will be tax nine four me tax man goes. I'm the tax yet. I'm the taxman. Should five percent a peer. Too small taxman thankful. I don't take your tax goes onto taxmen. yes i'm the taxman and and you working full no loan butts me. Tex-mex ran on. This is what i got to do with on. Dora no idea..

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