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6 10 that will you TV end Crews were beginning the task of removing the statue of Christopher Columbus from outside City Hall, ABC Sixes. Sierra Lucas's barricades were up when the cranes were in place. Carry out Mayor Andrew Gunther's order. We have a lot of police officers also around they've blocked the roads, so you aren't able to drive down front street in front of City Hall as they start this process. As we know this has been an ongoing discussion about the fate of this Christopher Columbus statue. We're just getting word from the city that it will now be placed in what they Call safe keeping at a secure city facility in their tacitly Columbus Art Commission with finding a worthy replacement for the stance you which was a gift from Italy 65 years ago, Mississippi no longer going to have the Confederate War Emblem and their flag design Governor Tate Reeves signed legislation which retires the flag design and appoint a commission to come up with a new one. Reeves says, while the move might be uncomfortable for some, he's adamant he's not erasing history, a monument acknowledges and honors our past. The flag is a symbol of our president of our people and of our future. For those reasons. We need a new symbol. The commission will present their design in November for voters to decide. Columbus City schools, releasing recommendations for students returning to classes fall. Under the proposal, students and grades K through eight will be in class two days a week with three days of learning at home. Students in the same family would attend classes in person on the same days. For the high schools, learning would remain at home for at least the 1st 2/4 with regard to safety, teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask while Mass for students or recommended will be required on the bus. The plan is still pending additional guidance from the state and authorization from the union's number of new covert 19 cases in the US jump by 80% in the last two weeks, with Tuesday, setting another record increase. States now taking further measures to slow the spread in Florida, one site in Orlando hit capacity only 30 minutes after opening, forcing health officials to tell anyone still waiting to try again. Another day the rush for tests coming amid renewed calls for a statewide mask mandate, Florida's emergency management director tweeting out the word masks 46 times. That's a B C's negative. Rezian. Former VP Joe Biden slamming President Trump's response to the ongoing Corona virus outbreak month after month as other leaders in other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control. Donald Trump failed US. Speaking in Delaware, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, argued the economy can't be restored until the outbreaks under control so the outbreak continues to get worse and ended quote. The numbers don't lie. Biden's sister, Trump continues to make matters worse, not better, he said. Trump's acting like he's surrendering to the outbreak, and is in retreat. It is July 1st, which for the state of Ohio, means the new fiscal year. It also means front license plates are no longer required for passenger vehicles. The removal was included in the two years state transportation bill was signed last year by Governor DeWine. Law enforcement agencies had opposed the move. Supporters of the measure said it would save the state nearly $2 million a year in license plate production costs. Radio 6 10 w TVN sports. There will be no Clippers baseball this year, all of the minor leagues officially canceling seasons yesterday. Big League teams report to camp today to prepare for the shortened season. The ENDA moving forward with its plan to finish the season in Orlando, but commissioner Adam Silver admitting they're prepared to end the season if there's a significant cove in 19 outbreak among players, Bighead continues on Bailey. It's all decade football team. Four Buckeye O linemen are selected a current Buckeye All American guard Wyatt Davis, and also Billy Price, or First Teamers, Paddle Flan and Taylor Decker second team. From the Central Hyo hunter Dealer. Sports Desk recordings Radio 6 10 W TV Yet I'm Scott Jennings Stay connected..

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