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Of the would the police officers the police you i'm not quite sure i got it i mean they're you know it's it's funny because on the one side you have the seren delhi owns saying we are not skirting any kind of federal law this changes nothing you know we're simply protecting residents of california and the way the protecting residents of california's by not cooperating with federal immigration authorities whether or not using resources to cooperate that's are not using resources or it prohibits the use of city resources or any cooperation of law enforcement with immigration a theory law here's our law police officer i want to get store with him alex i may may have to interrupt you in the middle of this i'm sorry but go ahead star with were dying to talk to you go ahead a l k we really quickly that the propaganda steve this point on prior about those chiefs of police which are all just politicians i mean it's complete nonsense we haven't had the ability to arrest people for being illegal aliens since the 70s that was my experience i told you members of the year where there is law enforcement of lawmakers will bring people him would they knew they would go either a legal what whatever we can't do it right that is correct so that hadn't it that's that's a complete non sequitur the whole thing uh the reality of it is this uh like he was talking about the i've seven eleven rates what they do with with when they find someone that's committing a any assaf using someone else's social security number or multiples which i've you know in the past uh assisted on these kind of deals and that's what they'll run into you'll run into somebody who they arrested seven eleven yeah but he's using somebody else social security number uh assume someone else energy so i mean that the concept that that law enforcement or any portion of law enforcement whether it's federal or state is going out in tracking down uh the illegal alien working at seven eleven is just not and what abbott alex how about the idea that somebody would be afraid just in iraq with law enforcement.

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