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Into the assets they had already had some pretty big leasing progress some and brought four pretty solid tenants in and then when you actually l look that fact that it was it was clear that this this was a high probability of being a layup refi in the next twelve months we bought this bond based on all that information at fifty cents in the dollar we were owed nine points of coupon that had yet to be paid to that bond so effectively your new powers now 109 and then the paying off at think in under nine months on that one so you know that's unique example of their of being involved in both breach and cnb ass and being able to kind of piece together something to put it all that at all the info is out there in the public domain usga dig tell me your story but how you guys connected at first i know all three of us nuredaim guys so that's part of the story but i'd love to hear what the origin story was for your partnership from from your gemelli thing on which which is which is more which is thought here i mean i guess i guess it's probably it's probably you can hear both sides for me so you as you mentioned you and i were seem seem year at nuredaim and i was one of those kids who worked my butt off in high school but once i got the college go north ammos around dawn checking out and i had other interests i had all their interest in school until i think it was summer between sophomore junior i started reading a lot i was reading about finance and i read ugly americans and 'liar's poker and our burns at the gate and all those good ones mostly from from the '80s '90s and i said wow this this seems fawn it would didn't seem like what they were talking about a corporate finance class it was actually it was hard hitting and fast and it was more car play hard and i was like i i can i could do that that sounds fun and then eyes and i went and saw called advisors like will no one's gonna hire eugrade zantac he's like you've been says you're eating quota after classes and so that i started really apply myself and i and i.

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