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B. C. news time eleven oh three traffic and weather now seven W. A. B. C. S. soundtrack to your fourth of July celebration honoring our frontline heroes proudly partnering with hours foundation presenting and all Americans for it all begins July fourth starting at six PM the music sounds best there's a threat targeting America Lyme disease spread by tiny text this dangerous disease can cause life changing health problems and is now more widespread than west Nile tuberculosis and HIV aids combined so it's time for us to target by disease that means checking for ticks when you've been outside and seeing a doctor if you experience the warning signs which can include joint pain and flu like symptoms learn how you can target Lyme disease at target Lyme dot org brought to you by the Steven and Alexandra Cohen foundation in the station bill dad's imagination with the gift from Los this father's day how about a backyard family grow up fired up get grilling char griller charcoal grill perfect for families of all sizes starting at just ninety nine dollars maybe a tree house in the living room dance can do that what about a smart home first marked the ring video doorbell three is now only one sixty nine ninety nine visit Los in store or online Christopher Belcher six twenty one ring over gold six fourteen three six twenty one while supplies last W. A. B. C. news time eleven oh four time for Jeff prom with traffic in transit if.

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