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The play exclusion. Young woman comes to Hollywood chasing the dream and ultimately achieves it and the play really asks the question at what cost. How do you hold on to your soul in very turbulent waters? WandaVision star Josh stamberg plays a Hollywood mogul adapting a bestselling book about the Chinese exclusion act of 1882. Written into law was a notion that Chinese people could be completely excluded from society here in the country where they were working and living and could be forced out. This production is shedding light on that. In addition to it just being hugely entertaining and funny. Jason Frey a WTO news Today there's residential with more going up here at the new Potomac yard station, but writers say the station will have even more impact as national landing continues to develop. To connect to what will be in probably 5 to ten years, a brand new multi use area with shopping with a dental business is. As someone who doesn't have a car, this station is just like really great to just have more options. There'll be a pedestrian bridge to the airport and connection to multi use trails. So you don't have to really rely on the car that much here if at all. At the Potomac yard metro Neil law I can sting. Double your TLP noon. You'll talk to some commuters about the benefits of the new Potomac yard station. Star Wars fans today is your day to celebrate all things Yoda. Happy talk like Yoda day. He's got an immediately recognizable speech pattern. And why wouldn't you want to talk like the oldest wisest and most powerful Jedi in the universe? If you're wondering about the rules of talking like Yoda, I've got you covered. Add the verb and the subject at the end of your sentence in the order of object subject verb. Bonus points for and yes. That is fox's Tanya Jay powers. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. Four 55 it is? Here's

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