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He he's the perfect example of defensive coordinator who doesn't just go and run his scheme, but he schemes to attack the offense. And I know that that sounds ridiculous that you know, we even have to point that out. But like not a lot of guys do that. But he very he does that maybe the most aggressively of any defensive mind, maybe outside of ballot check, and he's going to be very. Aggressive in using using scheme and doing things and trying to make the offense play without some of its best players and do things that it's uncomfortable billing so that I think could work to the benefit of Dallas Goddard the bears. This is something that warrant sharp pointed out to me bears have faced one of the lowest rates of two tight end sets in the NFL this year. And they also I think they faced the absolute lowest rate of three tight end sets in the NFL this year. And you know, the eagles will have drives where they will use thirteen personnel. Three tight end sets for an entire series. And so I think that that's an interesting dynamic in this game. A third tight end would be Richard Rodgers. We don't really wanna mess with him and fantasy but that would get Dallas Goddard on the field. More and Dallas Qatar is he's going to be an absolute stud in the league. I know he didn't have a bunch of big games. He had a few big games, but he would be an intriguing sleater sleeper on a bad tight end slate in the receiver core talked about alshon behind Erz and Al Sean for both air yards and targets during Nick foles weeks. Fifteen through seventeen starts was Nelson Agla and Nelson Igor also led the team in slot routes during that time the bears lost their slot corner. Bryce Callaghan to a broken leg in week fourteen. And as they have acquired after they acquired golden Tate, which has been a disaster as we've discussed and he still been on the field. And when he's on the field. I mean, no, they'll manufacturer some targets to him for sure. But I don't think you really wanna use them in fantasy. You can always try to get cute, and maybe it'll work, but with but since they've acquired him Nelson Agla running his eight dot has has gone up a running some deeper routes and he's made some big plays down the football field bears. Hardly give up any big place. But you know, a lot of this stuff comes down to opportunity. Nelson. Adler is a guy that probably people are just not going to use in DFS, but his opportunity has been pretty strong SUV could find him at a decent price. I think he's a guy. We're taking a shot on in the backfield. It's just been a three man rotation. Wendell Smallwood Darren sproles, Josh Adams. I think if I was gonna pick someone I would probably go with sproles he has been playing over the last three games. Forty one percent of the snaps. He's used most in the passing game. And you know, it passing game gives you better big play opportunities than the running game. Josh Adams is all running game. Wendell Smallwood is mostly running game that can do a little bit of both. But he's also been his usage has been super inconsistent. He had pretty good usage in we sixteen nothing in week seventeen. And then last week came back with pretty good usage. So just don't know what we're going to get with him. But I think I would go with Darren sproles on the bear side. And this'll be the last team that we discuss Mitchell Trubisky is awfully interesting as a play and. A big reason for that is that the the eagles really struggle to defend mobile quarterbacks. And it's not because they're giving up like one hundred yard rushing games to to mobile quarterbacks. It's because these quarterbacks have been having success both on the ground and in the air against Philadelphia. And it was you know to Shawn Watson and week sixteen. It was the number two overall famous quarterback. It was a little bit earlier on it was it was docked Prescott, you know, the the week before he he had he was the number one overall fantasy quarterback. He was also the number nine fantasy overall quarter overall fantasy quarterback when these teams played before that Cam Newton was a number three overall famous quarterback against the eagles. Marcus mariota was the number seven overall finish a quarterback against eagles. Blake Bortles number twelve overall fantasy quarterback against the eagles. So. So. You know, the these quarterbacks that can move have been giving the eagles problems and Mitchell Trubisky can move one prop just bed if you can find this prop. He's been set at twenty and.

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