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Of those things where it you you think the basic ingredients she popping together to think okay that's a sandwich but all of us when you have a great sandwich there something stands out what it was something that you think makes a sandwich go from just a basic quick me all the something really special like you said it's ingredients we do are cuban we do our up slow roessler porque and we it's the way we towson opinion press little bit this bay's owen salt from outside that started to technically actually eat it we make a i get a child made so fresh every other day and and it's all those little things and you know is a lot of it is about amid about a table spin and it's the hidden pleasures and their that get people gone it's in there i can quite figured out that's a me i love that because i've had those i mean is from the simple things first time that i noticed that someone other deli was putting little sudden pepper on the tomatoes to you know what you kind have to do because of the way they make tomatoes the said could make mistakes but if you have to play for him go figure but little things like that that really you know something that we take for granted that so simple like a sandwich to me there's little things that you can do we got people called into the shown say you know i make sandwiches i love sandwiched i make and for lunch everyday what can i do to me to make the more interesting and those things those ingredients a little bit of into flavor in the spread that's will different to just a man oh those types think the bread you know changes everything reds critical you know just even the way you use butter to toast hamburger bun just adds a different level the people understand that at home they don't use butter on their their bunch you know and makes and i think we learned something here kids everybody use butter on your button okay.

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