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That's the last time they won. The other time they won up there was the O 9 team went up there in one. And again, it was an early game and kind of a sloggi just, you know, pitch battle, that was one where I think. I think the entire have several interceptions. Our front pat might have intercepted the one. I'm pretty sure eves did. Yeah, that was so much better than pat. Eads was just so much better than pat was. Yep. I'm looking up to score that game. We're 20 to ten. Three what are you doing? Yes, pave. I think played really well that game. I remember correctly. Yeah, that was a good win and the other one just, you know, another low scoring game. So I just, I just think it's, you know, everybody can get a look at Wisconsin this weekend. And we'll get to that line later, but that line sticks to high heaven. I was Wisconsin at three point favorite app Purdue. I don't know. I think turnovers are going to be huge against Wisconsin. Badgers defense is really good. Tough to run on, but their offense has just been broken. Remember, Graham merch store those tests can still annoy. That's because it was against Illinois. I think people got carried away. Four star. Here we go. And he has been, especially against better teams, he's been really bad. Yeah, I mean, if I were fans, don't want Spencer Peter's wife grammars. And I'm not saying against Iowa cause to watch that and who knows what will happen. But Graham hertz has been really, really bad. Spencer has been good against perdue, but yeah, up and down serviceable in a game manager and I mean, Maryland, he played well, and I mean, you've had your games with Spencer pizza like, okay, this grandmother said that one game. And since then, it's just been yikes. And I mean, they beat Illinois two weeks ago. What did they do last week and they were all? Bad army. No, that army. And I watched both of those games. I did. I wanted both of them and they're just I mean, Iowa and them are the same exact team and it's running the football and it's, you know, field position and defense and it'll be, you might be done in Madison in two hours and 24 minutes. So two hours, two and a half. Clock's gonna run a lot. I mean, it's not going to be the lungs to games. So and interesting and we'll get more into Wisconsin and all that. But Tom big picture, when you look at this team and what can still happen, I think my oldest son, Charlie asked me so I always pretty much done that, right? I said, what do you mean? He's like, well, they can't go to the playoffs. And I think you probably kiss the playoffs goodbye with losing the way you lost to Purdue. But there's a lot out there for this team. And if Iowa fans had thoughts of the playoffs and undefeated record, if they still control the destiny, they can still do a lot of good things the rose bowl, new year's 6 bowls. There's a lot out there for Iowa right now. And there's still are they in the driver's seat for the Big Ten list? I still think they are. They certainly control their own destiny. Let's not forget, I know everybody's kind of focused on Purdue while producer. I got one loss and you know what, produce still got to go still has to play Ohio State Michigan state. I think we're better. And if I would just if they beat Wisconsin and beat Minnesota Minnesota's only got one loss too, then they'll control the destiny. So as long as I would just keeps winning football games, they're going to be in good shape. You know, and I was, you know, cow's football player path. Boy, you know, it would be really hard. But if they win the rest of the regular season games, facial House state in the Big Ten title game and pulled the upset be hard to keep them out. Just think of absolutely. Wow. One last team. It's a lot of. I'm not counting on that. You know, I saw some people lamenting the fact that they put their reservations in and all this other stuff. Yeah, it's okay. But you know, I still think I always got a great shot to get to Annapolis. Rose bowls still possible. I think they probably have to win out. They got to be ahead of. But I think the rose bowl would take the team that whoever's Flank Ohio states Ohio State in Iowa in the Big Ten title game. I think, you know, winner goes to the platform loser goes to the rose bowl probably. That would be similar to 2015. And then, you know, if not, the citrus falls way interested. There's also possibilities of like a peach bowl or a festival as an option for an Iowa team. So those are also possibilities. We'll see. Yeah, it'll be interesting. And I think Iowa fans. It gets back to keeping things perspective. They can't unsee what they saw on Saturday. So to watch what you watched on Saturday and say, yeah, but if they go ahead and win 6 7 more games, they're good. I think I will fans struggle with protecting those. That's and I understand that and that's why we didn't come at a great time and we'll see what happens against Wisconsin and they go out to Wisconsin. They win by double figures time and everybody forgets all about that. They win in Wisconsin. Everybody's back role in the right direction. And what are you going to be filling up again? Tom, I mean, we're two weeks. We're not even two weeks removed from the greatest winning kick stadium pastry and the field rush and euphoria and all that kind of stuff. So it's amazing. College football is a crazy sport and it's amazing roller coaster, and we'll see if it heads back to trends in the right direction for Iowa, coming up against Wisconsin Tom. I know we wanted to talk a little bit about not just the future of this year, but when it comes to the future, maybe even next year because I don't even want to get too far ahead, but that's a young Nile football team. And we talk about an offensive line and I think half the problem with the offensive line is everybody's really young. And obviously next year you'll lose Taylor Linda mom and there's gonna be other players leaving. You know, I read again, I'm a Lions fan. So I'm already turned my attention to mock drafts. And there's a Mac draft that has Justin Jacobs in the top ten. And the top the first round in the first round. Yeah. Absolutely. I saw like 23 overall. So I think there's going to be several players that are going to be playing on Sundays next year, but there's going to be a lot of talent that comes back with this team, especially in the offensive line and then key positions. Well, I went through. I just thought this was a good week to kind of just look at taking inventory of this team. So I did kind of just an exercise where we suspend belief a little bit. The seniors who are the seniors this year, they're all going to move on and we're not going to take anybody off for the NFL. Might happen. I think there's probably going to be some guys, but I discussed it. But does that include Tyler lenda mom? Yeah. Yeah, so I came off Tom. I know, but he could have left last year. I'm just saying, you play along. I mean, the offense. Actually, back..

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