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Jack daniel's tennessee honey joining us right out on nba tv join us later watch it on youtube maybe listening cast doesn't matter we're so happy to have you here for our one thousand show lease have lose you man that actually work skids alongside me as always all episodes that is you for joining us to is right like kidney cancer kidney balloons international man of mystery and actually lilly last certainly not least over yonder that is the bearded one that's kirby chiquet what's popping man i'm here at the internet looking for your tweets at hashtag starters since one thousand gel we got a pretty simple question for you today what's your favorite starters moment people have been tweeting them in all day we got some of the best right here says it's all the time when you mentioned bieber dribbling that was the reason i started watching the show one of our classic clips real deal says when task thing the greek national anthem and then got on tv in greece a minor greek superstar for a while there was vast drew says it was skeets uncontrolled laughing at least hut pepper hiccups very funny moment migos as mandal's pocket dogs flying out of trace i'm left every time when he surprised us with those delicious hotdogs and favorite answer from who says the wedgie song and every time i got to sing along to jerry greenberg.

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