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Man who's like regular Spider-Man, Spiderman wa. And then the ultimate spot of entries like in a black suit, and the story was based on the dimensions, the different universes being fractured and the four of them had to sort of figure out what was going on. Yeah, I never played that one. I saw stream to that one. I was watching a trailer now for spending PS four in this one because I see interface stuff. It looks like it's real now. I mean right now I think is probably a mission. So of course they're able to add a few things with the mission. Did you see the intro reveal that they did where it was going chasing shock through the prison? No, in that sort of reveal, they revealed fundament chasing Shoka through a prison. So the letting out all the prison guards, which is probably more than likely like the setup to the story. They revealed pretty much the sinister six in that they revealed. Shocker rhino scorpion volt. CIA and mister negative as villains in that sort of, I be cut sane, but then someone appeared and the camera was sort of from their point of view, and it was looking over everyone and then spun it looks at the camera and goes or no, it's you. And then it just cuts to black and it's like, Aw, who's the loss person? A lot of people thinking it's like Dr puss or another villain that they're introducing. But some people have said, well, there's a chance it could be MAs, Morales you could play as either of them through this new game, but there's no real confirmation that a very cool. I'm looking at this going back to being a kid playing the betterment. Oh, I think that I'm sad to see on the PlayStation site and it's a skill points. Get a head start on your website being experienced by having scope Weinstein, lock abilities from the start of the game. So if you're Billy's is that you do and oh, by pre ordering, will you get a cheat code like, yeah, that kinda sucks. But hopefully the skill point system is more of unlock this kind of web shooting, unlock something similar to that, but different like believe in spun man on the piss, you had to unlock the ability to string enemies up from like light poles, instead of knocking them out, could web into the ground. I then tools. And then if you looked another Steph option, you could be on top of the light pole above someone and you could duck down grab them and web them up. Yeah, like stuck to a light pole. I hope it's like that and not like put two points into strength points into Jilin, put two points into stealth if it's like that. It's not gonna be fun. I've never liked getting abilities from the. Go, I like a lock in them. I like playing the game and then be like, oh, now you can get this, then you try things differently. I hope they introduce a ton of costumes in the game because if they do a bombast ick bagman skin, I'm definitely buying it even if it's like five bucks. A lot of people don't know who that is, but essentially when Patos on put his Spiderman costume through the wash, he borrowed a fantastic full uniform and put a paper bag over his head and that was he's costume. Yeah. And for some reason, the papers told him them, bombastic bag, man. And he's a very niche reference that on the appears once in the COMEX for like one issue or something like that, but it was the dumbest costume. And it's so funny also. Yeah. The best thing about this is bringing so much into it and like we said with super smash brothers, they're bringing everyone back the inter trail for was just bringing everyone back and he is what we're doing. A lot of people said, all the presentation was too low. But the people who are really interested in smash. It was perfect because not only did it go through and show everyone who's coming back. It also showed them what they've had to change about those characters. It's like, okay, well, this person was in the game before they introduced a certain mechanic. So the like, okay, this is what we've done for this person. So this mechanic now relevant. They changed a bunch of moves. They changed how powering up abilities work like some asus canon sewn much. And then on top of that often said everyone is back. They revealed new characters..

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