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Reportedly launching a new podcasting company called Devil May Care Media, and before everyone gets all up in arms about it. Yes, the devil is also white. Follow bill already on Twitter are Bill This is Radio from Hell on X 96. It's a kind of a deep dive because Megan Kelly Said that Santa Claus is white. Oh, networks, right. So all right. We're footnotes for the radio from Hell Show are available at 6 23. Let's get this over with will officially begin the programme here and then we'll go to your check ins at 877629696. And we have a couple of people standing by. To say hello and good morning to us, And if you want to try and get in, I think there's one line available. Please use it, Gina. If you're building, renovating or refinancing Cyprus, credit unions, home loan products, quick closing fees, Save time and money. Visit. Cyprus EU dot com. Equal housing Lender member F D I C. The moon is The waning crescent 5.5% of full just just about gone. And now the moon will set today at 706 P. M. Today being Tuesday. It's the 15th Day. Of September in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2020. And this is the radio from hell Show broadcasting here on day 169. Of the Corona virus Pandemic, starring the Lords of Morning radio carry Jackson. And Carrie. I have Ah, something interesting about hats. Were you coming up here Starring me bill already at and also their Gina barberry. Katie, for short is back in the studio with her gigantic spider. And Halloween decorations in the studio on also, Skip and Miriam are helping out with show today. Thank you all it is national make a hat day, but even more importantly, it is national Felt hat today. You have a felt hat. Carrie. I do not like the straw. I prefer straw. Yes, it felt more of a winter hat. It is the day that you are supposed to Put on a felt hat. I guess you switch over to felt hats on this. E, I guess so. Switch switch over, Although it just says it's today is the day you should put on a felt hat. It doesn't say you have to switch over, but I would think they'd wait till it's a little colder before I would assert Well, yes, Gina, but But you see, this is then you have to have a day. You can't say Let's make that they went in his colder If it's the generally it is colder by this time by mid September. Yeah, it's like September 1st to stop wearing white. Right Labor Day because Labor day you have to stop wearing white. It's eso mid September. It's you generally get fall Christmas in the air. Start getting a little Chris. Tireless in the air. I'm wearing light and a straw hat. I'm doing it wrong. Completely wrong, All right? Let's go to Emily. Hello. Morning, Emily. Good morning. Are you hearing fine. Thanks for checking in with the radio from hell. Show, Emily. First of all, Let me ask you just about your name. Do people ever shorten it and call you em? And how do you feel about that? If they do Yes. And I hate it so much. I have no idea why, but especially when I first meet someone, and they just start referring to use them. I don't know why I hate was too familiar. That's too familiar. You don't get to call me and you don't know me. Exactly. My name is Emily, right? Is that why you called to tell us about that? And to say good morning. Complain about my name, I guess because it's such a common name. He growing up. There was always another Emily in my class, and I just knew way too many. Emily's We held a grudge against my parents for never have to spell your name, though. Everyone through Holly's Yeah, that's it. Good thing. It's spelled M a l e right family. Exactly. No, that's that's exactly correct. Emily, Do you have a middle name? Yes, I don't like that either. Oh, what is it? Beth! Beth. Emily. Beth. Emily Beth, Why don't you just go by Emily. It's like Emily Elizabeth. Oh, okay. Well, I think you should know by Emily back should be go. I think you should go by E B. You could do that? Yeah, like that. Call me. Maybe next time you call in your way. Alright. Alright. Thanks, Emily. Thank you. Emily. Phoebe Ville, please, baby. Let's go to killer killer. There's a for you. The killer is not a nickname. That's what his parents named him killer Pearson, right. Well, my name's Robert Frank. So I go by killer For short As you remember the story. I had to change my name just killer to try and preserve by killer license plates. That's right. But that didn't work. So I don't have. The killer is my middle name, And that's whatever he calls me. All right. Well, I think it's a wonderful nickname and probably describe your personality very, very completely. Thank you, Bill. That's your company. Thank you. Welcome killed. Relays Go to when the Wendy Morning. Hi. Hi. It's me again. Why you called yesterday? I know my son says, Mom, you ramble on the radio, and nobody cared O. We are weak here, Wendy Way, said. And we allowed it for some reason. I don't know. So when the like, Yeah, go ahead. I have a shortened name people when they call me Wendy, like w E love it. Because that me and nobody does it are not nobody but rarely. People call me went, but I like it when they dio on Then my friends instead of calling me when you have a different name for me, and they call me Wonder Woman. When their woman I don't know why I don't either. I was just the name Wendy. My My first sort of real girlfriends. Name was Wendy. Ah, and I always love I was always kind of secretly in love with Wendy from Peter Pan. Oh, well, that's the first time it was ever introduced. Well, Wendy is short for us to go when to go in Canada. I didn't know that. So, Yeah, looking at 20 years ago when it goes in a mythical monster and lives in the forest can all right we'll see you. When do you think you're falling? And you know Wendy in the Peter pan. They called her Wendy Bird. Like so many choices by Wendy. Uh, Let's see. My full name is Sydney. Brandy Linda Renda Werner. There's a lot of name my mom did this so that she could put hearts above all the eyes. It is preferred. That is a true story. You know, That's a true story. I know said it isn't true, Alright, Traffic police You know, we've got a crash north down Redwood Road at 11th south in Salt Lake. The rate lane is being affected there. It's the only accident though. This morning. Do you see something? What do you see? Look out there. Give us a look. Then touch. Just tell us where easy I see a blue dog. See my reflection. 33986 is where you send that in Scott Hill offering a preseason furnace and a sea tuna for just $54 cost. Got Hail Ada 1 to 6 for you. All right, we'll take a break. We will be back with Full strength, Big boy news. After this, and then at seven o'clock, It's the Utah word of the day and their boners and all that kind of stuff.

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