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They didn't rages main Davidenko Turney for the victim says, suing the men and women who were either shot or lost loved ones as about as un-american as it gets David will. Thank you next tonight. Here the investigation into that deadly, shoot out that ended at a Los Angeles trader Joe's police are now searching for video and for witnesses tonight the supermarket was the final scene of a rampage that began as a family dispute a suspect, taking hostages, trading gunshots with police people escaping for their lives. We lost some of them climbed from windows twenty-eight-year-old. Gene Atkins turned himself in after three hours, but the store manager had already been killed in all of it from Texas. Tonight. There is new surveillance just released this evening in the search for the killer of a well known doctor in Houston who used to treat former president. George H W Bush police now releasing a sketch of the suspect and here's ABC's Clayton Sandell tonight. Tonight, an urgent search for clues Houston, police say they're poring over hundreds of hours of surveillance video hunting for any leads in the mysterious murder of a prominent. Cardiologists. These grainy images show. Dr Mark, how's connect in green riding his bike to work just before nine AM Friday morning, broad daylight, a busy intersection. The suspect in red riding just behind the suspect drove past the doctor tired and fight to shots. The doctor made it went down moments later, the gunman fleas on a mountain bike police, releasing this sketch, the suspect described as a white or Hispanic man in his thirties. I just would not associated this place. With any sort of crime such a heinous house can. It was sixty five. His patients included the former president, George H W Bush who said, I will always be grateful for his exceptional compassionate care. And right now police say they do not know who the suspect is and they do not have a motive. David, Clayton, thank you to developing headline involving President Trump's former longtime fixer, personal attorney, Michael Cohen tonight it was Friday night here. We reported Cohen recorded then candidate Donald Trump and a conversation Cohen had with him involving money, the owner of the National Enquirer and that former playboy model who says she had an affair with Trump. Well, tonight we have now learned of eleven more audio. Recordings seized in those f. b. i. raids, they've now been released a federal prosecutor sources, tell ABC news tonight that it appears that none of those eleven recordings involve president and a delay for the first trial to be brought by the special counsel. The judge moving today, the Virginia trial of former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort from this week to next Tuesday. Now and allowing the prosecutor to call five witnesses who will testify under a grant of immunity Manafort faces charges of money laundering. And fraud, there is still much more ahead on this busy edition of world news tonight. Monday the.

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