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But he always exactly what I was going to say your lie like I love the leaders we have on this tiny though they don't really good job and they come to work every single day. Like high energy like persistent little to no mistakes. I mean, like, it's just like one of the not one on this is a great group of leaders. Yes, one of the best leaders up in around Well, you've obviously been around some great leaders and great players in your time in Denver, and I know that you're really close with von Miller. When you got the news of his injury, how quickly do you reach out to him? And how disappointed would you be that you won't see them lining up across from you? You can't do a post game jersey swap. Like I'm sure you were expecting to do not that you can't get each other your jerseys and you probably already have a von Jersey if you really wanted one, But how bummed were you when you heard the news? Yeah. I was really, uh, disappointed on just for him for Joe because I know what they had at one year to get in the car and, ah Just the day I just sent a message. But I was praying phone I want called right then and there. I know a lot of people probably been reaching out was probably a tough situation over but I did. It's also my life. 23 days later, he said he was feeling good is just just talking and just tryingto. Just given confidence a motive in but he was going pretty good. He had some plans and please and I'm just happy that he, uh, just looking as opportunity to bounce back and come back stronger. Well, so let me ask you to put on your coach has had a little bit and not give away the game plans, but This team is really snake bitten right now. In addition to von Theyjust put Mark Barron and Marcus Walker on IRA J Boys already on I R Drew Lock is on. I r. But he's not playing. You're going to get a chance to change chased Jeff Driskel around. And so without Courtland Sutton as well on offensive side of all. What do you see? It may be no Phillip Lindsay Demon's practice yesterday. I imagine he'll be a game time decision again. So the team that's just banged up. What have you seen from this Broncos team in the first two games? Uh, the banged up, but they still have. Ah, pretty good. It's getting a lot of push up front and gets to stay. And they had a good of my first half running above or score, eh? So we gotta be really, uh, you gotta come in on both stopping the run in order to be able to go out dressed, Go a little bit. But, uh yeah, They do a good job of running the ball and he's gotta be on it. Well, that's something I'm curious because Those was around here that watch team are trying to tell people that the old line is playing better than maybe you would expect in the Garret Bulls seems to have really taken a step so that somebody who looks at what's going on up front With, you know, obviously through different colored glasses right now, What do you see from this Broncos O line. Do you see the improvement that that everybody around here is hoping for? I think they did get better not they still getting better. A sweet talking now, So he's watching something from less from last dish. It is a big difference for sure you couldn't go obviously said. Also whether that Philip Lindsay, we know what challenges he faces. Melvin Gordon, you're used to going against with his time in L, A and San Diego. What do you see from the vet is he's now wearing orange and blue. Like a little bit more explosive with all the light speed and spends and moves you used to think he was like a straight downhill runner. But he's been Spinning, making people miss and there's ah That's good. That's good for him, but it makes a little bit harder for the defense. In what we've got to come back to attack because he has been out of the tap, you could keep a ski move an injured downfield and They're like Lana Washing Gore. He looked.

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