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Zero nine six two five eight eight eight six three zero nine, six two five, is the telephone number here there were some primaries in the United States America yesterday in Arizona John McCain state but not for John McCain's seat. For the Senate seat of Jeff flake who. Is leaving the Senate. And almost everybody's happy to see him go and. There was. An interesting, race in Arizona And. The winner, is a former air force eight ten. Pilot combat pilot, a woman Martha mcsally a former air force Colonel all kinds. Of firsts in the. Air force as an air force pilot flying combat missions over Iraq and things she is a an. Interesting woman, with quite a resume honestly she really. Has a remarkable resume she's considered to be the kind of middle, of the road, choice in the Arizona contest among the Republicans there because the the competitors where sheriff Joe Arpaio and, another woman whose name is here somewhere who've. Slipped my mind Kelly word there she is Who is widely considered to be much more conservative the news media had the long knives, out for, us still, do now the long knives we'll be out for Martha mcsally but the reality is the truth is she's much more likely to win the Senate seat and keep. The Senate seat for Republicans very very important then was. Perhaps, sheriff Joe Arpaio and and perhaps. More likely than than Kelly word also who is a former state Senator and she's very conservative she's stepped on her own thing a couple of times recently not doing yourself any great a couple of times just in the, last couple of..

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