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Breaking news this hour from townhall dot com. I'm Keith Peters. Police say a suspected gunman is dead and four people are in critical condition following shooting at a Chicago hospital. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says a police officer in at least one hospital employees are among those hospitalized in critical condition following the Monday afternoon shooting at mercy hospital this patient, Tracy. Lyons tells WLS TV she was leaving mercy hospital after getting radiation treatment when she heard shooting and she rushed back inside the building starting parking lot not in the hospital. So obviously the shooter or shooters had to retreat in the hospital because we will floppy and we were barricaded. That's a fly pain and pulled us out. Police spokesman go yummy says the gunman was killed, but it's unclear if he took his own life or was killed by police. The Trump administration will fully restore Jim Acosta's White House credentials, but his worn the CNN reporter that he must follow a series of rules at future news conferences, the White House letter sent to a cost of Monday makes clear his credentials could be revoked again stressing new rules for press conferences, including limiting each reported to a single question with follow ups at the discretion of the president Georgia governor elect Brian camp is listing his priorities such as business growth education and recovering from hurricane. Michael now that he is defeated democrat opponent Stacey Abrams in a fiercely fought campaign. This transition committee will work with me to develop plans to grow jobs in enhance educational outcomes. Lower healthcare cost and reflect our Georgia values and keep our Georgia. Spam safe camps, Wayne was certified by Georgia election officials Saturday camp reveal the team of. GOP politicians and activists Monday in Atlanta. He said his administration would be seen as incredibly competent obviously diverse and clearly committed to doing the right thing on Wall Street by three hundred ninety six points. The NASDAQ dropped to twenty the SNP lower by for he six more on these stories at townhall dot com. Tomorrow night. You gotta do. Forty years in the making grow students changers. Cree to will make the whole family stand up shear, Michael Jordan. We gotta do this together because we semesters too long. What? Thirteen so material may be inappropriate for children under thirteen tomorrow night..

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