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Rushers are going to tee off. They're not going to respect the run quite as much. So that falls into it too. But I don't get the sense from saving that he feels like young himself needs to play a whole lot better. He's returning Heisman Trophy winner if they clean up things around him. I think his effectiveness will go right along with that. But that said, the game at Texas was arguably the least effective game of his career. I thought he was hesitant at times. He did get pressured at times. As you mentioned, Alyssa, but other times, he had time in the pocket and just had to keep holding the ball because there wasn't somebody open that he needed. We're talking with Chase good bread of the Tuscaloosa news. We've got Louisiana Monroe coming to Tuscaloosa now this Saturday. And these games tend to be an opportunity for coach Saban to challenge guys to be perfect to be better to step up in those missed opportunities. What do you think the message will be this week? And what do you think coach Saban's going to harp on ahead of Saturday? Well, obviously Alabama can't overlook anybody after what happened in Austin and the tendency, of course, will be to do that. I'm sure Alabama is going to be a huge favorite in this game. I haven't seen what the opening spread is yet. But there'll be monster favorites once again despite what happened against the longhorns and Nick Saban's going to be looking for he's going to be looking for, like you said, perfection or close to it for four quarters and against U LM. Sometimes players have a hard time getting up for a game like that, but this is a team that beat Alabama 15 years ago. The players were as saving noted today. They were probably only 6 or 7 years old at the time. But I promise you in that football building this year, there's going to be a couple of reminders of that game. Whether it's on a bulletin board or mentioned in a meeting. It seems like there should be no shortage of motivation going into this season. Chase before we let you go to kind of help out everyone who's been calling today panicking about the rest of the season. As you look past Louisiana Monroe and Alabama getting into conference games, looking at some of these talented teams who have stepped up over the last couple of games and seasons Arkansas being one, obviously a and M is a game that everyone has circled despite. What a and M has looked like over the last two weeks. Where do you fall as far as Alabama's confidence level now within the SEC? I don't know that the team's confidence has taken a blow here with this game against Texas last year when I got into conference play. They had a really tight one in Gainesville only beat Florida by I think two points last year and ended up in the national championship game. And so to have some September hiccups, excuse me. Something got my throat as soon as I said the word hiccup. To have to have some hiccups in early September in uncommon even for a really good teams. It's just a question of improving and getting to a place where you're better in October. You're even better than that in November and you're playing as best as a team can play when it matters when you get to rivalry games and conference championship games, et cetera. Well, chase, thank you for the time. I know you had a stressful weekend. We both had flat towers, apparently on our rental cars, going to our said game. So I know how on terrible that is. So thank you so much for making some time for us today. Thanks, listen. I was chase good bread of the Tuscaloosa news. Yeah, somebody asked me not long ago. How I coordinate the private jet to get me to my games. And I said, sir, if you think that I'm getting. I think that's where Jordan Rodgers and polyphon bomb only. I don't think I'm getting on the private jet. No, I had a flat tire in my rental car on the side of the road, had to get it towed, go back, get in, it was a whole thing. It was the whole thing, but we made it to Athens. Week three rolling on here in the SEC. Our show rolls on as well. We do have to take a break when we come back more of your calls coming up next. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 is the number as we welcome you back in to the Paul fine bomb show, Alyssa Lang here with you sitting in for Paul. He'll be back tomorrow. Let's take some more of your calls, Larry from Shelby is on the line. Larry, how's it going? Hey, you know, how's it going? I'm doing well. What's on your mind today? Oh, man. You know, I'm in the jackass, colleague. You know, his team, man. You know, and they worry about Albert and he has got a lot of problems about auburn. But here's the first thing I can't even name his coach. So that's how much he knows about football. But the families, you know, yeah. How many more than Alabama laid in Texas? How many chances do they have in the score? And they didn't. I mean, foot down on Texas. They got a field goal. They missed another field goal. That's on them. We don't want calling the show and I like a little titty by being one. That's just daily. And it's not being a grown man.

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