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Christopher was also my six here's my question six am five ninety the answer the welcome back to unite iii radio the radio show boast important political office that of the private citizens we are pleased and honored to have evans said on the line with us today has the top rated of video on heritage as well as an article we've been discussing which is the number one article eight days in a row on town hall called he fights about donald trump and being a the first built the first wartime president in the culture war came in and they're so true is there are so many republicans and that's one of the great schisms is do you see it as an existential threat of a country are we at war or or is it just politics as usual yeah the democrats get in ramp up spending and regulation to maybe we give maybe trim about global bitten backandforth backandforth and i think all three of us are yeah this is an existential war for the future of the country and western civilization where unrewarded up whoa your boding are compatible or the other what do we get the green room for compromise but when you're twenty two hundred ninety degree from each other no compromise could we found out so we cannot compromise what we what we think look gun blow the lubin the tottenham around it so what is good compromise that we could reach of that more were looted eight hundred well what what what compromise one that the women were at the world those no compromise to be found acumen that will also with an anger western liberal democracy lower quaco lower case boop and so the only option or in america regarding mater whirlwind which is not gonna work what would come gotten truth that the lord our work all were by in the republican party and the conservative no click because what we think to conserve your liberal democracy unrwa edging up my book boone don't even american accept them they don't believe in question i'm sure roof from below believe in in america and make sure they put their citizen good but world thing but when you are able to coq to our bowling and so it will you know choice said look compromise to be found will elect low oh well.

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