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The pats already a slight one and a half point favorite. They set. It will be New England and the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl fifty three because see all the action, obviously on CBS and allots unpack with the two games yesterday as a championship Sunday might be the best I've ever witnessed in in all in all my time. Watching the the National Football League. That was a pretty special day TASR is two games. Go to overtime a lot of controversy which could bring about change in the National Football League. We'll get into that. What's going on brother? Good. Good. Good. Yeah. Definitely digging. Now, the right there. Entertainment. And there's the first word that jumps out besides the awesome athleticism by all four teams and all men on those teams. I have a feeling we'll get into the officiating a little bit. And and the NFL general, but yeah, very very entertaining game yesterday. Awesome stuff. And it'd be tough to argue. I think those might be I mean, the best AFC NFC games I've seen too. I mean, it was it was it was a a lot of fun. I don't want the end. There was a lot of ups and downs. But a lot of fun. Yeah. In combination. I mean, there've been better games overall. But certainly in combination when you sit down and he start watching three zero five eastern time. It ends, you know, right shortly after what, you know, ten o'clock seven hours of a football all over the place and was very very entertaining. Very fun. And I that's the lead in terms of the officiating as you heard the call from Zach Streep, and and the New Orleans Saints as they're never gonna get over. What transpired yesterday for New Orleans who their season came to an end last year on the Minnesota miracle now comes through on a no call on. What was a combination? Whether it be pass interference or a helmet head. To helmet hit it. Oh, you know late night game in which you have a scenario where it's a third and ten play their, you know, inside the Rams fourteen yard line right about the thirteen. Drew brees. Lays it out there. Perfectly for what Tommy Lee Smith in. And he's running down the right sideline. Looking like he's going to get the football right in stride, and the Brody Coleman basically declared him before the ball arrives there. And no penalty is cold. And then you have the ensuing eruption from Sean Payton on the sideline. And then the explanation afterward. Listen, I I get New Orleans cost themselves the game in terms of the first downplay designed to throw and not run and not using the clock and that stage, and I get they have the ball to be get overtime. But at that at that point the game should be over regardless of what happened on first down. You know, you would never have gotten to overtime if that's a properly cold play by the officials on the field. That's the first avenue. Orleans inside the inside the Rams five yard line. And they're able then at that stage to milk the clock and basically kicked the game winning field goal ended. Oh, absolutely. I mean that was completely massive blown call, and you know. Besides besides the face, and you know, got never played the ball be calm. And and and the hell with the helmet that was just penalty to penalties right there. And completely blown call in a really epic important huge moment for these two great NFC teams, especially the Rams who the victim of the bad blown call. And it's it sucks at subsidy. If you're if you're a saints fan today, if you're a policies organization or former Saint whatever I mean, it's tough. This is this is tough to swallow. You don't move strike. You know, you never it's tough to say a game is the silo comes down to one play. There's a bunch of place the game that, you know, give people a lead or momentum momentum. We'll give a team, you know, an advantage. But this was a situation with you're you're exactly right. I mean if the saints after right, call is called the saints data. Just take a niece. Drew Brees is dropped her. Knee killing the clock games off move on. That didn't happen. I mean run the ball night kicked the game winning field goal rush. At that stage. Twenty would have ended the game twenty three twenty final New Orleans would have been victorious. But it and I don't want to hear an apology for bow river on. I don't want to hear an apology from the National Football League yellow you talk about bringing about change you've invest enough time and effort we've all invested in the National Football League season. Some people have decided to invest in the game as well. The games gotta be called properly. We began this NFL season. Where you couldn't eat the quarterback. He couldn't touch the quarterback all the helmets element. It's everything that was called. And then you're watching these games. That's fine. We're guys are being physical down the football field where there are borderline helmet-to-helmet hits. That are not being called where the quarterback is being hit and at times mysteriously not being hit. And they're calling roughing the passer as we saw in the cheese. Here that momentarily, but but as a apology doesn't do anything I mean, it's not going to do anything for New Orleans. It's academic anything for drew Brees because the saints should be marching to Atlanta and Super Bowl fifty three. And they are not and they got screwed over. That's it. So I'll river odd can take the phone call Sean Payton now, it's a matter of bringing about change. So we do not have this situation. Aguirre from now because that's the fear because the officiating with all the retirements has gotten progressively worse. It was embarrassingly bad in the regular season. And you have no call yesterday in essence decide the NFC championship game. And I don't wanna hear anybody. Tell me that it didn't it did. Because I heard a CBS sports bay telling me that the saints lost that game fair and square that's complete and utter nonsense. They didn't if that game is com- if that game is called properly if that game is called properly this saints are marching to Super Bowl fifty three in Orleans is the NFC champ. So that's the problem. I have and it has nothing to do with. The fact that you and I both pick the same Friday the March on it's a case of it is frustrating to watch a game in which you watch inept officiating decide the game. Yeah. At this point. Oh, yeah. You're right. At this point. Why does this still happening? It's been a plethora of complaints from players cultures people in the media that that that that hosts radio shows like you, and I are host TV shows. I mean people have played the game coached in the game. And you hear it nonstop. But yet you see these blatant screw ups like this complete blatant wear the head coach, Sean Payton of the saints. He gets a phone call. From the league after his devastating squad is devastated. And this fanbase is devastated. Devastated saying, yeah. You know, screwed up our announce bad. You know, we messed up. You're right though. I take the apology and stick it. Right. Who really at this point get it? Right. There's enough of these men that are wearing striped shirts on the field that could have figured this out does play. It was very obvious. It was such booths. You sorta play the guy did everybody out there listening right now sort of play and listen you and I both picked the Rams who von we're both Iraq. Sorry. The saints. I wanted the Rams to win. But I thought the saints win, and you and I both ruin agreement on that. To me. I mean, I got no dog in the fight. Just like you don't. But the thing is like this is this was so so blatant of not one but two a penalty. We call and you can deal with you can deal with you know, you get beat you get out executed. The team comes out and blitzes. You you weren't as good. It's a disappointing end. But you deal with a game yesterday. And that's where it's going to bring about change. That's where the competition committee has got to go back to we look challenges. There's got to be at least a challenge a game for a for a head coach on the sideline able challenger. Well, not just out of penalty. Yeah. I mean to be able to challenge a penalty on the field or on a call or a no call past. But there has got to be. There has got to be now change brought to the National Football League. Because yesterday as good as championships Sunday was was an utter and complete embarrassment for the National Football League. Is you have a team now representing the NFC that should not be representing the NFC? And that's the problem because a guy on the field or a group of individuals on their feet on the field did not do their job properly. And this is not the list. That's not the see list. This is the NFC championship game. Right. So this is a group that graded out properly in the regular season that completely blew the call and for the National Football League. That was a sleepless night last night because as we have the up in won't be much this week. But as everyone heads to Atlanta and there's radio row and he'd get ready for Super Bowl fifty three. And they're going to bring back the former Rams and people in Los Angeles and everyone's start celebrating. This. The fact remains is the New Orleans Saints should be represented the NFC. It should not be the Los Angeles Rams. It should be the saints. If guys did their job properly. We always talk about do your job. Do your job. Do your job. Do your job guys on the field. Yesterday did not do their job. So an apology from our river on does not do anything. Now, the NFL has basically take the ineptitude out of the officials hands on the field and give the coaches now even more responsibility to where now they can challenge calls and plays on the field. That's the only way to go. Now you have to embrace now even more instant replay. And even more delays be as simple call staff because that is as bad of a blown call as you'll see this is not this is not a holding is not a is not a chop block. This is as blatant a blown call as I have ever seen in my life in a big time spot that I've ever seen in my life. That was so obvious so obvious you only have to be an NFL fan. It could have been two calls. It could have been passed interference. How how Mattel MacAulay it could've been contact down the field? They're basically telling you that he hit them simultaneously. That's what the officials told pain at the time that he hit them simultaneously as the ball. Rod. That's not true at all. The ball was and the ball was. Give it a yardage. It had to be fifteen twenty yards away from you know, when ROY hit the receiver. I mean, it was the only thing I will say, I understand everything you're saying, and I and I respect every your commentary, and you're passionate on it. And and you're right. You're right only I will say on. And you know, this you've seen this all your years being a sports fan and someone who's covered the sport at the highest level. So you wanna stay right. We've seen the so much moosehead, you know, maybe not this blatant. But in not just football in in a plethora pro spots where blown calls happen. And sometimes you the hammer sometimes you to now in this case, you know, the saints. You know, they now I mean, they got they got screwed and they got screwed bed. Yeah. I can't you know, what Taza I get that. I understand that calls. I get it. But that is that is ineptitude. That's an aptitude. That's that's not happening understand that is that is that is wide open. They're the only two players on that side of the field. That's easy. Yeah. That's the that is an easy call that is not a difficult. Call to make that is a head check past five yard line. That is an easy call to make and they blew the call. So I if I'm a Saint fan, I am.

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