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What that kid's really good at. That's what got him to be a great player at BYU and that's what got him to the number two draft pick in the draft. It's because of those things. And you know what? He got shaken off of his course a little bit. He got tossed off the out of the truck. And for the jet fans to be frustrated, like it's rightfully so, right? Like, it didn't work. But like I said earlier, like I'm excited for Zack's opportunity, whether it's a jet or whatnot, like he can't worry about that. That's out of his control. I do know that there's people in the building that still believe in him. I still believe in him. I know Zach still believes in himself and quite frankly, that's all that matters. Is that he fills that way about himself because we don't know how this is going to shake down. I've watched a number of players in the NFL. Land in whatever happens after those first bumps in situations that help propel them. I mean, look, I'll just use this. We brought Drew Brees in. I shouldn't say we brought drew came down to talk to our draft quarterbacks. Right. And it was awesome. Watch tape with them. Shared his experiences with him. And he talked about being benched three times. Three times in San Diego. They went and drafted Philip Rivers in the first round. While he was there. Because they had planned on, look, we might be moving on from Djibouti, Drew Brees. And he's one of the greatest ever do it, you know? And it was because of what he went through is because of the way that he had to be challenged for himself. And this just pops in my head too. Steve Young has this amazing moment with Stephen covey, the guy that wrote 7 habits of highly effective people, where he challenged Steve and said, do you want to find out how good you can be? And that was like a moment for Steve when light went off inside like, yeah, that's my ultimate goal to find out how good I can be. And I think that's for Zack in this situation. Like, no, it has not gone well, like everybody hoped, but that doesn't mean the story's written. You know, we're in chapter three. Who knows how long this book is. And for him, it's going to be go find out how good you can be. Go accept this challenge. Learn from Erin, you're going to get a great experience to be around him, just go challenge yourself and find out how good you can be. I got about two minutes left. You want to ask him a question about Doc, I know what I would ask about that. You've crushed it might be better, but he personally, John, we have these tears where we rank quarterbacks, right? You know, you have your pier one was always the braid either Rogers in my homes. And then you'd find dak. He'd always be around level tier level two tier two tier three. What does that have to do to improve to raise himself up to that tier one level and lead the cowboys to a Super Bowl? Does he have it in him? Do you believe it? Absolutely. Dak is one of my favorite guys to train because he has everything in him. He pushes himself, he holds himself to such a high standard, mentally, he's one of the best guys I've ever been around at taking any situation that could throw somebody off their game and turning it into a challenge that he accepts. He thrives in he goes after it. He's said pressure makes diamonds. I mean, he's used a lot of the lot of phrases. So I guess to put a bit of the team. This is a team sport at the end of the day. And I'm not saying that the cowboys haven't lived up to what they should be. At the end of the day, dak is always going to put a ton on himself. He's always going to look back and say, what could I have done differently? Well, the one thing he has to do differently and again, I got about 90 seconds left here. Is to stop throwing interceptions. I don't know how, I don't know how one does something like that because every interception has its own fingerprint, it's not always on the quarterback and sometimes on a coordinator, sometimes on a receiver, but how do you do that? I mean, look, they have things that they're talking about about, hey, why did this happen? What can we learn from it? Dak is not an interception prone quarterback. This last year, there were more than there have been. But that's not because that's who he is, right? He's not this guy that's taking chances that he shouldn't. I think that he's going through a process where he's going to be able to learn, why did that happen this year? Because that hasn't been his story over the course of his career. So they're going to learn from it. And look, I'm a big believer in bouncing back higher. Sometimes those moments when you have a season that goes like, ah man, we were this close. Sometimes the lessons you learn from the this close are almost there is what propels you to get over that hump. So I don't know. I'm always excited for deck because I know the type of guy that he is and yeah, there were some interceptions this last year, but like I know that dude and he's gonna come back and he's grinding already. I was just at his place like a few days ago, he's grinding and there's excitement in Dallas as there always is and there's expectations in Dallas that they're always is but he's gonna handle things the right way. John, I really appreciate the time here. I mean, this is great. I could spend the whole rest of the show with you again because I have so many other questions about this draft, but congrats on the your success, 3D QB, the private quarterback instructor John Beck right here on the rich eisen show a full third hour coming up, don't go anywhere. I do have about 90 seconds left, so I want to ask you one last question. Do you

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