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All right here. We GO STEVE. How do you how do you? How do you live dangerously you know? Is there something you do? This little edgy dangerous. How do you live that way? I mean what do you do yeah? He's pretty safe. You're pretty damn showing is taxed hard swimming. Know you know how to fly know playing off. Probably the most interesting do is. I stand on the edge of a boat going. His moves about is out there. As I get is both move. Steve is slow but is moving. Pretty SAFE Steve. Yeah all right. Come on your up. Okay what Hogan's award did you win and ask you ever win a bogus award most difficult bogus? That's us on point. That's only one I want. I just I get it man. I ain't nobody Moscow's why we in what what. What is this study in fall? I ain't learn enough and we are we graduate and so I can turn the paging. Get on with my life which I love went and started. Destroy Right away right. After High School I started destroyed. My life personally main. Oh man tow it up. And I'm telling my Winona tail. Yeah thank you. Jesus worked out. It worked out slowly becoming the person person I should of being a long time ago so Dale Shea really all right we have a time for one. More one Carla. All right here we go. What is the one thing that you always fight about with your significant other one thing? What was in my backyard? Colds? What is that? Maybe why do we have that out? He's spotted grandkids. Nobody all right coming up more fun. Run that prank back with the nephew in the building. Right after this. You're listening to your show. Rene Bach was only nineteen years old when she moved from her small town in Virginia to eastern Uganda in two thousand nine Bach founded serving his children a feeding program for severely malnourished kids. The NGO quickly grew into an inpatient medical facility. That heroic image obscured a deadly truth. Rene Bach had no medical training when it comes to missionary work and humanitarian aid in the developing world. What is the line between helping and hurting? We'll find out in the new podcast. The missionary listen to the missionary on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Some podcasts are light and fun and fluffy my podcast. Isn't I mean unless you'd think a podcast about a teenager picking up dead bodies for a living is lighten fluffy? I'll tell you this much growing up in a funeral home is killing me. My name is grant and these are my funeral home stories. Listen to season three of my funeral home stories on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts..

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