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That's that guy we. Let's do a lot of like a._c._d._c. Oh advanced a._c._d._c. in school. That's those are the type of things i was listening well and so with van halen for example like my parents were both teachers so my dad will. They both worked in schools and my dad was a teacher and he would replay like hot for teacher van halen and like the l. cutesy with my mom. That was really cute. <hes> and i think that van halen was one of the i mean he's okay now but like when he was younger i had the biggest crush on eddie van halen. I thought he was so freaking cute. David lee roth can go suck a dick eddie van halen was i was at so there's that in canada i'm trying to think of like the beatles. My dad played a lot of beatles. I i really loved the song eleanor rigby and i think that that's is my dad played a lot and it was kinda creepy and i was a weird your child very weird child. Yeah i think <hes> the beatles for sure everybody. That's why they're so popular. Everybody knows the beatles. Everybody heard it a little so and they'll still here it now. I'm like a little right right. Go here the beatles so yeah. Those are definitely good one so yes were which was make playlists now like today though like definitely billy joel fleetwood mac for me and stephen always have stevie stevie nicks one of my other favorite movies which i've talked about before was practical magic. Stevie nicks is not soundtrack ally and so a lot of the songs from there like crystal yeah yeah no those are so good yeah which which he woman eagles who you love the eagle eagle it really great yeah so yeah. So what else makes it up to you today said okay. I'm more step forward in time yeah plan we obtain thank lanny listen as well. We have a plan record. A record that we have which also set forward are the shins love the show. I love the shins since i was in middle school high school <hes> air watch garden state. Which is the best musical go playlist. I know everybody else say that but soundtrack for everybody says ashraf. Did it and i have a playlist of all the songs from scribbles. Oh yeah do have that which is another really good playlist oftentimes. Listen to that play list and like. I like this band. I'm gonna see what they're up to now in ninety ninety five bands that way you know what i used to do was i used to get all my music from one tree hill. Which has i think one of the best playlists of all all time in like a t._v. Show it's really good in my friend. One of my friends amy from college. She went through and tried to get every song long from one tree hill. There is an artist that i found daniela on andrei. I don't know but she does. The cover of crazy yeah at the end of an episode of white collar is really good. I was like i have to find the song i'm that that's because it's really good. I think it's white collar one tree. Hill was a big inspiration for that. Go back to garden state of all me that person. I love love love love. I love coldplay and their first album got me through a lot of stuff and <hes> one of those songs don't pan. Hey cool on the garden. State soundtrack is one of my all time favorites onto. I just love it. I just think it it's my happy song. I think i think in one of the <music> you're in the mood for like some coldplay or like in five for fighting for fighting yeah johnson was kind of china it jack johnson and like a lot of people are like your basic. If you like those bands and like no i mean i think you just see like what you like. In those were popular during basic is a way to try and make people are just normal people feel bad about being exactly trying to marginalize the majority versus the the other thing though i like a lot of weird music i can like coldplay if i want to. I don't think it's a big deal. If i like cold play but then i also like small independent artists. My mom used to listen to kind of just the thing. I don't know why probably my head musicals. Your mom looks like she you it listen. She will listen to musical music. What i mean when it came out we would all of that. I knew i knew that's why like i'm not a musical person but i swear to god. I've heard all the songs all the popular musicals like you know. She listened to rent eleven read. I love the sound check. I'm pretty sure i i've seen that one now so the movie helis yeah and i bet your mom to has a soon as she went and saw hamilton she probably also dad actually wanted that one okay good hamilton j i mean he liked. That's a good one. We haven't seen we've probably should off broadway over here. Yeah it was in seattle but we just this really we're not. I guess another really cool show. That has a good soundtrack suits. Suits has a good soundtrack. Suits has a good soundtrack ad they have a lot of artists like <hes> one of my absolute favorite. I can't remember his name but i'm gonna find it it yeah okay so let's talk about that phenomenon for a second of have you ever like and we all have. I can't remember the name of that song charles bradley who has stomach cancer right now so he's like he was on tour but now he's not anymore but charles bradley is such a good artist. That's another one of those like bands that i really find myself gravitating towards as charles bradley and like saint paul <hes> and and broken bones lake ones like those that are like very soulful very big band soulful and i really loved those yard. Yes yeah like <hes> okay so back on the other thing trying to struggle and you're like okay. I can't like <hes> remember who somebody is well. I don't know the name of the song is or something like that. <hes> that is super frustrating right you. A lot has to me a lot but i have to say. I think like search engines now. It's a whole new world because that used to happen to me a lot as a kid too and it was the worst you'd hear something on the radio and you're like wow. This is songs. Probably don't get stuck in people's heads as much anymore because if it does go google it find song binge it like one hundred times down with no. He passed it yeah but yeah. I think search engines do great job at picking it up now and then she's zam now to you. Can you pushes them or have it on my phone here. Yeah you can kind of <hes> some of the stuff or just some stuff and like picks it up and that kind of work still here's the worst part so so the radio stations i'm drawn to are the ones that ha- are usually like college radio stations like k. x._p. There's also when that <unk> seattle universities and they had these like super amazing songs the other day and i was like listening to i was like i'll i'll just i'll just look at the radio station. Normally what radio stations do is solid. Give you like kind of a list of the songs that they play and then they'll <hes> <hes> you can sort belly time of day. What day exactly this website does not and they didn't say what the name of the song was period. I'm like yeah. I remember you know doing that back in the day to israel like oh four p._m. And it was a great song. I have to find and it usually like on my way to work if i'm listening to x._p. And i kinda missed what the name of a song is. I will immediately come into. We're gonna key yeah no. It's so much right and i love it. It's fun world. We live in but yeah. Let's talk more about what we like. Ahead on the heart is up there for us as a couple. We definitely like like kind of lighter rock folk. I folk sorta. <hes> things like that soft yeah alternative indie. We're really into all those yeah yeah interesting yeah but we we also like. I like harder stuff. Yeah i think specific on my own. I like rap and i like trap music. I like to listen to like while i got the gym and while i'm saying all and anything else that was in the nineties. Smith had a great rap album. Okay sure sir. I listened to a lot of like logic ellison kendrick lamar chance the rapper yeah chance proper just came out with a couple of new things so i transferred his stuff yeah chance there oppor. I did listen to eminem and high school as well. That was pretty fun. I hate am uh-huh great. He is really really great. Everybody i get why people like kim. I don't personally and i never have and i never will. There's there's nothing i like about him and the key does yeah. He's talented person doing his thing sharon. Yeah whatever you wanna say to get you at school his crappy music take care. We'll tell you i do not like eminem. Yeah people. I don't like and i'll be honest. I don't listen to much music but kanye west <hes> <hes> yeah actually come on his old stuff. Yeah i thought back in the day like in high school yeah it was great if he comes out with so much new stuff these but yeah we don't listen to a lot of lakes stuff on the radio like i've listened to a couple of songs by postal owned by. I can't tell you like what is his is wants an i if someone's like hey who i know yeah your parents actually went to <hes> they went to legal playoff game in atlanta or the super bowl will or something but they went to a concert in air it was aerosmith post malone was like opening or whatever and they had no idea who pose malone is and i we feel that and know whether he looks like but i could not tell you what his music sounds like i do now. He died right now as the guy that was dating of arianna guerande i think i don't like her music too much. Either i love i have to say i. I really do like arianna guerande. I listened to you know her songs. I guess yeah i like it. I like stuff. Yeah thank you next. God is a woman taylor swift and not really huge fan taylor swift now. I don't think a lot of people are trying to think of like big popular artists right now at second sale..

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