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Yes. Now Dominant cruise your boy, your best friend. You guys are like like. To remake a movie from the eighties, where like? The COP. MISERABLE COP versus a weapon like lethal weapon, you know. Great was that he's daime. He's daming. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's. Right. Now now now, do you? Do you think that was early? So early now granted like you said I'm buyers. I would say definitely an early stoppage. What did I think it was fair? Yes, that I think it was safe. Yes, if he you know that call. I don't have a problem with it. You know I don't have A. There's there's Times. I. Said I'm biased. Number one number two. I did think it was early. I did think it was early. Doing. I will go. We can go. Through the history of early stoppages. Like When you got guys like. CAIN Velasquez versus. junior dos Santos. Yeah, REF by. The Best Rep there is okay. And that you don't like I'm like know how like I. I was I. Remember watching the fight. Tweet and hotels you've got. Somebody's gotTA. Stop like right. Somebody's seriously got to stop. This is good well. The headway to these are heavyweights. Like. A grown man is not supposed to pick that many hits from another grown man. I if I was taking that many hits from like a three year old us. Somebody gotta do something of that. Also was also upset about was he was a foot taller than pseudo and he's like you guys have little kid. Fuck hitting me. Like like in his head, don't you? Like because he got up, you saw how much taller he was in pseudo and. was like what are you kidding me? This is like my little brother gives me a Nogi. Because he stood up. He put his out. He was poke Eric. What you doing. Yeah and. When he got against the gate, and it was a couple of times I was like no. Don't get me wrong, so though was putting in work, but it was. It wasn't like he was walling all over the place or some Shit I. You know what I want to what you're watching i. jump off the couch. It was a Gimme. That is good though it was. It was it was good and it was nice and square like He. Didn't like grays big connected and. You know you. Really Kinda got a factor. You cannot separate those two like. Yeah. He got hit some fast rabbit punches. That probably didn't hurt him, but that me definitely that definitely stuck a minute. I really err on the side of.

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