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The guy yesterday and I said can you come make sure they come between eleven and one. Yeah no oh dice. People have learned how to deal with. I'm okay with it doesn't it doesn't read as much as it bothers me but the idea of 'cause I just being an actor like I've noticed this because I've been doing acting lately and it came to a very waiter liar. Amazing well. That's very nice. Yeah yeah is is a t- to actually have that your life and to be beholden to other people and just waiting for material and and just showing up to do it as satisfying as it might be incrementally br mentally. It's really a compromise position in a weird way especially if you're not in the power you don't have power over you know or enough traction action to really decide what you WANNA do. Yeah Yeah I mean I'd imagine you as a stand up for all these years you are telling your story. Yeah right and when you're acting and someone else's thing when you're you're you're telling a story right but it's not your story necessarily I didn't think of it in in you. Just sort of like a guy working there. Yeah yeah which I'm fine to do. Yes just from all those years of just like oh I just need to work. I'm how I'm happy to do that. But there is take it is a very special feeling to create your own stuff. So what was the process. Because I've talked. I talked to Allie. I think like wow I mean I don. I talked to notch. Yeah Yeah about the movie. But I didn't talk to Allie specifically about the movie because I think when I talked to her she was just starting to break as a comic. Yeah so when you started working on it but I I talked to Allie and she You know breast Fred in in front of me. I remember that I think I handled it pretty well. That was really in promotion for Baby Cobra. So were you guys already working on it. Then and now we weren't we weren't it was after Baby Cobra. She well after baby cobras. The New Yorker did a profile on her. That's how big she was at the New Yorker did it at the time though she was writing for fresh off the boat right I think I think she was her just stopping she. She was off fresh off the boat at that. You've been the F.. Fresh off the boat since the beginning six seasons. Yeah Yeah we just got cancelled. You did but isn't a new season. Starting this is our sixth the sixth and final. When did you hear that it was done? month back own really. Yeah Yeah So. We just finished our last episode a couple of weeks weeks ago and you did. What were the cycles? They were thirteen season or twenty first first season with thirteen after that it was mostly twenties all the way through and this last season is fifteen. So you there's enough to syndicate. Oh yeah yeah we hit a hundred. Yeah we hit a hundred and it's been so yeah. Okay okay I guess before we get to this. So how did you get cast on that during the movies after the movies or you know I was doing I was doing. Hi Jake Kasdan movie. And he's a producer Ryan. Yeah Yeah Yeah and Nice Guy Yeah Great Guy and I I was doing a bit it part another bit part in a movie that he was directing joining in Boston and his which movie. It's called sex state. Yeah Oh yeah yeah. Yeah and his A his produce produce co producer. Melvin Mar was there and who also produces fresh off the road and he'd knocked on my trailer Taylor door and I was just doing a couple of days on that movie but he handed me. This book called fresh off the boat and was like hey read this book we want to turn it in TV. Show and we're thinking about you for your dad and I was like your good luck with that. Why because there were no Asians on TV like that at the time? I mean the the the last one before that was Margaret Margaret and that was like twenty something years because through a Asian family. Yeah and so I was like that. That's a that's a great thought. I probably won't happen and yet but I will read the book and I read the book. This book's amazing. Yeah and Still not going to happen right you know and then one day I got a call. We're we're going to make a pilot we want you to play the dad and I can't believe that let's shoot a pilot and because that's all it is going to be a pilot so let's on this pilot. You know had good attitude going about that. Sure you know. What are the possible? Yeah what's the possibility of any pilot. You're going to see her right. Let alone Asian American and Asian family with me as the lead. I'm doing a day on sex tate and I'm I'm going to be the leader of a show like not going to happen boy. The notion of failure really got pounded pounded enemy and Completely okay with that's how how pounded it wasn't so used failing and and then and then we made the pilot it Lynn Shelton the great lynch directed it. It was a great Ila so fine I I was like. There's no way there's no chance we picked up the series series We got picked up the series. I was like. Let's enjoy this one season. I guess there's something good about looking at things like that. Yeah Yeah Yeah in a way that you keep your expectations in check total. Yeah Yeah and not even in a dark way right way real like let's really hit just enjoy enjoy and you did. I did I did. And then and then after that season hey we they wanted to another season. No really this. This is definitely definitely it and then we kept going for six seasons. It's so nice I did. Your parents come to the set and stuff and now did they watch it on television now. Oh yeah yeah no no did. They actually watched every episode. They they didn't tell me that recently. Really Oh my God. They watched every episode. They're they're very proud. Yeah and they're they're able to show that yeah. I mean I think they're happy because I'm taking care of myself right of course and and the families so there's no hint of them saying if it still doesn't workout workouts now nice point at this point. 'cause like you know when you think about Dr Ken. He had to deal with that she like he. He actually did he he did. It was expected of him. Yeah and now it took them years even stop. Renewing is licensed to practice medicine and then he pivoted and they I mean he kind of. That's that's kind of the ultimate what he did. You know right right his parents because he can always say like I can always go back to being don yes. He started his license essence and he amazes me. I can't believe she pulled that off but I remember the first time I talked to him. I had to fight the urge to you. Know I had some I thought I had some health issues. They came very close to me asking him for medical advice. I think I might have called him once. I right to get some medical advice as funny. I don't blame you. I don't blame you This past week I was on the verge of calling. I'm in pain man. You guys friends. Yeah so six seasons and this is it this is it so now. How did that was With with in terms of writing the you'll always be my baby which movie dual ultimately. He went to great. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's great. I mean I think it was in the in the first four weeks thirty two million households. Nice which is real nice. I don't know what any of that who knows waiting but it add supposedly as it was I regret I thought you were great in it. I thought that character. Sort of a heartbreaking. That's a I think it's across the board relatable. Yeah Yeah Yeah you know when she goes back. Dan Van so harsh. But that was sort of living at your parents house heavily the equivalent. Yeah you like you knew that guy. I was yeah. And what was the writing process. How'd you guys do it? It was fun we you know we. We had the idea of the story. I think we just Kinda came up with together. We just we just met regularly. Talked talked through and started working on an outline and put as much of our lives in it that made sense and made up a bunch of other stuff and I it just it felt super organic and I think it helped that we were all friends and we ended up bringing in another friend. who was a writer who didn't do in real well in the industry as a writer who also Oh came from that theater company in college really and and the three of US ended up crafting the script and the there was a deal with Netflix? Or who were once we once we finish. Finish the draft at the script. Sent it to Netflix. Do you WanNa do this. And Notch go is always on board not at that point when she was attached to another movie okay because she was supposed to direct another movie as her like direct Oriole debut and then that one kind of fell through and then we gotta get her and she was cool she was open to because because we were working with her on fresh off the boat for love her and worship her in many ways and she was down and we felt also lucky. What happens now? What you've been doing? I'm unemployed but I'm feeling again. I'm feeling incredible because of the tooth because of the root canal root canal works out. I don't care today you don't give a shit tomorrow. I'll be miserable but like in in terms of I'm going to wait till they get off the porch I can feel them vibrating. I've lost my shit about this before. Uh and it's like completely within my control but I thought I took care of it yesterday. I texted the garden and I figured you'd tell them between eleven and one 'cause I got an interview Lily Tomlin. Yeah you know and I didn't want to. I just didn't want it to better them doing this on me then You know I I I like I like that stuff when I listen to podcasts and I hear sirens in the back then I sure love it but no I think it's really adds texture. I know but like I get. There's some days with this thing where you when you live in La. We realized there isn't really a an hour our to where it's not happening so close by like I noticed that now and it just waking locked into it it drives me. Nuts is if it's not my yard. It's across the street or next door we're here just ongoing leaf blower noise but you had no control over that..

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