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You're like do I really need to comment every time a user does this one action not enough to create another bought or try to host it or whatever in with actions. The hope is that by taking away the execution. Folks are going to build interesting activities or hits use the word actions again, but actions in it in let us just take care of the less. Interesting thing, which is to an individual code execution at scale and securely got executions little little tricky. Well, no, let's run through their infrastructure. Riley gets it's becoming a lazy world in those ways. Where if you have to run your own server forder somehow find a way to run that bought then you're probably not going to do it. Like, you just said, right? Yeah. Or it's just too painful, and if I can get away with doing it for free, assuming installing the apps like, I'm I'm so lazy, and perhaps I maybe even incompetent and plays. Like, we'll just install this app. Antea repository. I'm just like I'm done like I'll just go without that little Greece. I guess because. I got apetite or something. So it's nice that you can just drop a workflow file into your repo and be done with it versus going through the app and credentialing et cetera. I think overly impacts to like the larger businesses, you know, because for us if I'm on a site opera. I work for a small company or whatever like I can just go spin up that Hiroko and since her use glitch or whatever and to run these things. But I mean, if you're in a fortune one thousand company, that's not how it works. You know, you gotta call I and provision another server or get access to more VM's, whatever it is. And so they can't even though they're dying because it's just not it's not worth it. It's hard to convince someone that spending an extra end dollars. A year is worth having this little workflow automation. You have to build a case study and whatever else, and so the hope was that if we made this easier for them as well as the open source community, which already has a ton of the automation, but also has to pay tax on infrastructure have us run in that should take a lot of stress away from you to me. I mean, this is kind of a weird. But this is this Lee, my brain works. It kind of reminds me of the were press plug in ecosystem back in the day. Like, you know. You sure you put your blog out there. And this is obviously early in my day of like learning to be a developer or even play on the web and some learning as I go, and I just sort it would scour other blog posts, and or the directory to find things I could just install to WordPress. Magic happens is kind of seems like that where I may get lost in this actions list when when if ever one is truly created besides surgeries awesome list. You know to sort of dislike what can I do with actions and dream a little? Yeah. I think it's a like the way I've described it. So the team is really that. You know, we we've always had get hub customers that integrated. But like, you know, we've built a API's is we've built ways for them. Athena, kate. We have like we have all been nuts and bolts all the tools that would make sort of a better job experience for folks. But there is a buried entry there in in. What I think actions does is it makes every hub user potential integrator. You know, so you'll have. Have the ability like, you said build your own little thing and give it a shot or find a thing or let the communities actual usage of these actions helped show, you what is valuable because I think that's the thing. That's been always really interesting to me, especially having worked marketplaces that. Everyone is trying to tackle the problem of what is the best X, whatever the best CI tool, the best whatever in, unfortunately, that's a really hard problem solve because in software development. It doesn't matter. If you are the quote best CI for ruby..

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