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Okay. Let's look at the scoreboard in the surprise. Let's go to big ten. I that's the thing here. Northwestern where is that score? I wanna see that. When I can't believe that they of course, Hornibrook was out for Wisconsin. Northwestern at home beat Wisconsin thirty one to seventeen. They're in the driver's seat for the big ten west, especially if this and they're not even ranked. No because he's all lost Duke and the other team they lost. Akron balloon eighteen point leading in Sacramento. Get this though this score holds up right here. Pantheon iowa. So possession of first place in the big ten would a gut gust at our guests at gusted who the fuck is what I'm trying to say didn't come out that way. I will lost at Penn State twenty thing. Oh, don't tie thirty in the third quarter in Penn. State leads twenty four to seventeen that's up for grabs. Losted Maryland thirty five to twelve losing. That is. Six twenty two left in the third period. Wisconsin lost to northwestern and Purdue lost at Michigan state is we talked about earlier twenty three to thirteen. The bresca all over cookman is now. Call me compatriot went to school quite Patrick went to there and played football. One of us better. Football players was a man, you know, that out of all the things that no I read it. Oh, congratulations. Go look to see to believe you. But looking up to see if you would know where Kwami Kilpatrick played football. I think it was Bethune cookman. I didn't even know he had a college degree. No, I'm kidding. But nobody said he had a degree in Florida. Am why news for Florida somewhere? I don't think Bethune cookman than Florida. I think it is. Isn't it? Cookman? I thought wasn't like Georgia or something. Goodman's in Florida butcher that to see you. I know where Bethune cookman. Yes. It is an oh, you're right Daytona Beach. I thought he would there. Okay. Okay. But I was right in Florida. I got half, right? He can Florida state by what happened there. So that's the worst home loss in Florida state history. Oh, there were scoreless. After one bright and Clemson beat them fifty nine to ten. Holy mackerel landed attentional upset me here in a potential upset in the American conference as well. Houston over south Florida thirty five to twenty six. Florida's forty twenty-first. Houston is not ranked south Florida's undefeated. So. Six. Oh. And they're not rated they're six and one. Yeah. Now, they're six. No, no, sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't see the.

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