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Is man this is on still a shock i'm sure it's unbelievable i'll have been i i mean fight everyone thinks irene flight everyone like but i didn't know why you're just go the like this and it's unbelievable i lost meaning three dollars i was controlled flight then when wondering i try to take him down and they on top finish on top when i take him down i hit my head at the floor and i lost the little there's something we i feel i'm not right but i but thought i was fine i just i i have focused only for the time i reggie time i try to read i tried to say on my show petty my legs i was moving my legs i lost show he the hand soso my eyes open whole time i was in i never stopped and i was keep fighting keep show everyone to i'm in i'm not leaping from fifty five seconds to finish and i'm ready to kind and when times over signing all that go so times don and lakes to lay down and but it was still moving my legs and do my opponent he his shows pinger to me and he said he's i of course i was he just take two second breathe in nice at what are you talking about i'm i mean i try to send up of course but those those gaming and they told me to stay don't they don't don't move because i was tired after hard one means in i i i lay down i trump dan i take relaxed i know i read fight and after i tend to off when they let me out and i celebrate i jumped to the cage and like i i i celebrate my read and not there when like shot this goes the fly and they said he claimed your i lost tko after fifteen minutes when when when i top when i sleep when i showed them i was never i didn't know what they want they think i don't understand nobody nobody explained.

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