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For that very reason I think that he's a stash player just wait and see what happens because if he does in fact in getting the starting position. That's an immediate trade to somebody. Right that's somebody who understands the hey I gotta go get him because Dan McCook hurt or Dobbin Cook is holding out or whatever the case may be so. I'm more of the camp of making that. Dobbin Cook does. Not. Announced if somebody doesn't get done by. I guess Thursday I think Tavern Cook may not actually play but at the same time I know that this is a stash and if things go south, you know won't be the end of the world. I'll find someone else to fill the spot. DRAFTED MR, Campbell Peres Campbell out of. Ohio state and he plays Alice and I think that he might be really good. I know I've been a fan of Michael Pittman Junior. Still could have got him. I'm pretty sure he's still on waivers if I really wanted him. But Peres Campbell has lot more upside and a lot more speed and Philip rivers like the throw to speed is sometimes. So if you can get down the field, you can go up there and get it. So I figured I might as well go get him and I probably will also did not want. A whole bunch of. You know rookies on my team and I ended up getting. Two of them. So I got Perez Campbell and also ended up getting Jefferson as my last pick I. believe just because. I think he's interesting player. So I have Corey Davis on my roster don't know how long he'll stay there because you know how I feel about Tennessee wide receivers I just felt like at the ADP you know is good to take fliers on people sometimes, and that's just kinda how it always ends up being real forever for being real here in curbing for real. To take, fliers and my last pick or last player who? Got Jared McKinnon. So Jerry McKinnon is in a running back by committee system, but he's also playing guys like mustard and of course, Kevin Coleman. So He has right now in one thousand, nine percent bust in eighteen percent boom potential I projected nine or five point, nine points per game. This week and it's very possible that he could get more than six points. So not really doesn't matter but to be honest, I don't really know where else you would look to to get somebody of his talent level of ranger McKinnon's very talented back when healthy I just think that there's just too much going on over there. At the forty niners backfield for him to really flourish in it but I would be very, very hopeful for some sort of rotation that involves him and goal line situations that would be fantastic. So maybe he might become a goal line back who knows man who knows but yeah that my espn league right then and there As far as where I stand in the League, if you go to leak protections where actually I've moved up so. I was ten literally two days ago. But I was from start of the day I was tenth place I've moved to knife now. As far as my projections so on draft day I was tempted. And now. I'm knife people have moved around other teams moved around not sure because of via trades people have made. But that seems to be the only way to people went down the drunken birds the. Fantasy football team. That drafted Julio Jones with their first pick at the third spot. And the back door who my friend David owns. He's went down one I don't think he's many trades though let's look real quick. Let's see what has happened here, and upon further inspection I really much has happened. For, our league in general. So in reality is just more so I guess things are happening behind the scenes and people are just moving apart. So that is my fantasy football league for. The ESPN Lee. Now, we have to get into the real fun conversation here the one I've been looking to have. About the other league. So I did a Yahoo League which by far Yahu has some of the most. Intuitive. Draft player. Friendly. I guess interface of all the places. Now, of course, I'm not sponsored here Yahu to say that I just really enjoy it regardless here are the draft results from round one through six, and then of course, we'll wrap some things up. So round one Christian McCaffrey went nausea muscle mentioned that I was seven ten men league here. This is non PR. So this is standard. Leagues. And some things interesting things happen. So Christian McCaffrey went first sake long went second Zeke Elliot went third album Kamara went four derrick henry went fifth as who I was targeting. Then, Cook went six I ended up getting Clyde Edwards Layer Michael Thomas Eighth Joe Mixing with Knife Julio Jones temp. So everything sounds all nice and tidy I don't want to say I reached four Clyde Edwards. Because just think that you know he's going to be what he is I've come around to believe in that you know the ADP ADP and I do think he will be good for them. It will end up being there round two ended up being some of the more interesting stuff going on. So Jordan killer went I in round to the Nick Chubb then Austin Actor, I ended up getting Josh Jacobs. So. That was nice to see how they get Josh Jacobs and Clyde I layer. I think that's a really nice one, two Combo running back Lamar Jackson went. Then, James Carter jumped all the way up to the second round. So James Connor jumped up which I think is a really quality pickup maybe not second round he might have moved up to third. Just because of the fact that we are in a non PBR league. So it doesn't really matter and James Connor is a animal when it comes to getting fed the rock. So good pick up by this young man then Kenyon Drake went after him. Aaron. Jones went then the vaunted Adams tyreek, Hill. So tyreek hill finishes out the bottom of round two. Then round three before we wrap up for break tribes. Kelsey D Andrea Hopkins and Chris Carson. Chris Godwin Odell Beckham Junior, Todd Gurley, the second and I ended up getting Mile Sanders in my third round people forgot about him people slept on them and I ended up getting three running backs in three rounds. All could be potential league winners. Clap it up for you. Boy Right now 'cause I'm I was on cloud nine right there. The fact that I was able to get Josh Jacobs Clyde Edwards. And Mild Sanders in three rounds. Fantastic stuff when we're seeing. You know. We. We see. Of course, James Garner go ahead the mark Jackson win ahead diverted Adams went ahead. Aaron. Jones went ahead. You know. I just feel the girly went before him and old l went before him. It was just a lot of things. A lot of people I would've taken. After Mile Sanders but I ended up getting them. So clap it up for me felt good for that one. Take a break. We're come back finishing this. 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