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Snap haters, depending on your team. They were haters They put out there there. NFL projections 2.0 to point out that we'll have to adjust. They said they'd do it. Just I don't. I gotta look at their 1.0 and see if they adjusted for the Bears because they put out their 2.0 and they said, it's we've adjusted for Cam Newton being a patriot. So I have to look at one point only like this will have the Bears will him five wins. We're just doing this segment again. Like when we go backto Cam Newton was going to be a bear. And that's why they're like the Bears of eight wins. Nothing has changed in the NFC North. But now they have five wins. So we're like at the point of the year because we're about 20 games away or 20 days away from Game number one. Prediction season. Yeah, this is the time of year, right? We're going to see all the publications give you the numbers right Water The Bears projected at Are you? Are you going to go with average? They're just going to be eight and eight. Are you really high on the bears Hang into this season, they go win 11 12 13 games this season. Or are there going to be really bad? They're gonna win 543 games to one. Trevor Lawrence is on the doorstep. See, I think if we look at it if we all have a conversation here, and this is a safe place all calls welcome Black and Abdel with you here on ESPN 312332377 1006. If you're a Bears fan, and you're a football fan heading into this season. I don't think it's a realistic possibility that the Bears Will be a bad football team. Don't know that can't be right. I think if you look at all of the possibilities If you had Teo, take a Percentile and in divvying up based on what will actually happen. I think the lowest amount of the percentile would go towards this is one of the worst teams in the NFL. So I found us a Today's NFL predictions. One point, Okay? One point when woman was that published may Okay back in May in May, So may 14th so before. Yes, so close to this date in the in the fold. For the Chicago Bears at that point. They actually somehow. So in the last Yes in the last few months here Since from May to August. Gave the Bears to more wins. Hold up. Hold up, Are you? Are you being serious? Right now? They gave the Bears On May 14th I'm looking at it May 14th 2020 NFL record projections Will Tom Brady or Drew Brees leads a Superbowl push and the Koven 19, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Here's the graphic. Packers, 10 and six The Vikings 97, the Lions seven and nine. The Bears three and 13 see that zone rules. This is inmate today. Today it comes out And what are they today? Five and 13 wins 55 and 13, 5 and 11. They got two more wins. That's unrealistic to they're not going to be a 51 team. They're not They can't they can't Now. Now there is there's propaganda out there. You know that claims that you and I are of the mindset of USA today? Well, we'll address that. But I think that's here on ESPN. I believe like you believe this defense shows up to the stadium with six or seven wins. Shows up with seven wins like this D events if fully healthy, barring injury, of course. Is a seven win defence because of The talent on that roster the way they've been able to perform. I know the turnovers were down last year. The pressures were down last year. You missed the keen Hicks for half the season. You can't have that happening for expect to be a top five offense again. There's still top 10 and a lot of categories last season, and that's still formidable even without one of their best players, if I would say he makes is probably the second best player on defense. Right? Yeah, I'm his second player on defense. After Khalil Mack. He's out for half the games and you're still a top 10 defense. I think that this defense alone gets them can get them to seven wins. This defense alone can keep them competitive in every single game. Now it's up to the offense. The offense needs tto win you a few games. You're only going to be able to win a few games, you know? 10 to 7. You know, 3723. You're good. There's gonna be some games we saw last year where the saints will come in and put up 40 on you. You have to be able to Score points and you can't regress the way that this offense regressed last season from 2018 to 2019. You can't have that so that being said Seven wins minimum because of the defense. And if the offense shows up, whether it's Nick Foles whiskey, I don't give a crap who it is. Fools or Travis key if they improve from what they were last season. You could be a nine or 10 win team. So you said today gives us the rest of the division, the NFC North Packers. They projected nine and seven, the Vikings at 88 Lines at seven and nine. The Bears have five in 11, you know, like Here's what I think the division I think everyone's lumped together. Packers, Vikings lines and bears. I don't think anyone is that much better than the other teams..

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