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Not valid in they just don't exist for mere standpoint so it's it's just reusing the bitcoin algorithm inside of a set of smart contracts he can he say not i don't understand how that is using bitcoin on when uh so a i made were were cut of getting it a basic black chain here uh is a a block chain is a container for a set of transactions and the transactions are shared across many nodes eventually they're collected into a block and the block is then shared across those nodes and each of the transactions and blocks are validated according to a shared set of consensus rules and if any of those transactions or blocks doled validate according to those consensus rules than uh they just don't exist this they're rejected there they're not validated that's how bitcoin prevents double spends is that uh double spends aren't validated they are valid according to the coin consensus rolls so similarly a double spend of a metronome money supply a double port uh is just rejected in the same way that a bitcoin rejects the double spend and transactions in blocks are shared similarly to uh you know between contract sets by users who want to import and export their metronome so you have a block chain inside a block chain with metronome a k says hayes may be dim way to think about is which is kind of hard to wrap beheaded around dads almost issue came bitcoin ivf tiffin knows he communique produce blocks said metronome at.

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