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Yeah i mean i doubt he was calling the shots there they gotta we gotta remember who's there now todd haley there right with john dorsey todd haley is he's more from the bill parcells bill belichick school of quarterbacks big ben the tom brady's of the world the matt castles that we had in kansas city to me that guy would be josh allen so if you made me connect the dots right now i would go cleveland would pick josh allen and i think at this part of the process josh allen as much as i love lamar jackson i think post combine all that everything coming he'd probably be my number one at this point to i'm realizing with all of this there is this world that is created around the draft that his upset me for a very long time so in that used to be upset with the draft and that's none of this matters that's what i'm realizing so what happens is we've now made lay the fact and when i say this i love our own matt miller and matt works really hard i'm not talking about matt i'm talking about other people with their hey it's mach seven point o mach two point oh didn't matter i don't think it doesn't matter the whole thing too is the jets traded all these picks to move up to the colts but if they get their guy none of those picks matter right that's not fucking true because they gave up three second round picks and when a few years ago the moved up for dion jordan they gave out one i understand what they're saying when you got a quarterback than.

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