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Ye shall I mean, the guy we all the breakfast club? Good morning. Hey nafee. Just join us Kamla Harris joined the breakfast club yesterday. She talking about. Very important to note that this is commonly harasses second time on the breakfast club. She came when she was US Senator California last year. But now, she's US Senator California and twenty twenty presidential candidate. That's right. And and the clips all over the news yesterday. So we just opened up the phone lines of talk about it a little bit. What has the reaction been fifty fifty? I mean, it's fifty. Everybody. Some people are gonna like you some people like you. I think that it is more people who probably really don't know what it is. She's about. And I think that's why it's very important to do your research on all the candidates because it's so easy to manipulate minds on social media. Could you could just don't false information out there and people run with it because nobody really doing research, let's play story depending on whether or not they like, you don't like you. Absolutely. Well, let's play the clip. This is talking about people mad to say she was lacking people up. So this is her talking about it. Now, I'm not going to ever apologize for saying that when a child is molested or a woman is raped or one human being killed another human being that. There should be serious consequence. I'm never going to apologize for that. I also believe strongly that the criminal Justice system in America is deeply flawed, and it must be reformed, and I'm going to tell you also when we know system needs to be reformed. We know it's broken. There is certainly a role on the outside. But we also should not take ourselves out of the opportunity to be on the inside. She's right. That makes perfect sense. Pedophile. You need to be locked up you murder. Somebody you need to be locked up. You need to be locked up prosecuted. Put people in jail in two things can be true. You can be a prosecutor. And also recognize the system is flawed and the best way to change the system is to be a part of it. I would think so. But yo, listen, I understand black people you see a black person. And you think that you know, a black cop should lock you up. All black. Prosecutors shouldn't put you in jail. That's just not reality. You know what I'm saying? Well, let's go to the phone lines. We got Ronnie Irani good morning. Good morning guys. How are you doing pretty good? What did you think about Kamla Harrison breakfast club? I don't like her track record. Politician, and there's nothing to do with just the simple fact that she was a prosecutor. I know you guys asked for that. And I felt like she tried to make an appeal to emotion, you know, by bringing up women that have been raped or, you know, people that have been murdered because the bulk of Canelas prosecutions were for non violent crimes, and one thing that I have a problem with is the fact that at one point she was ordered to release thousands of prisoners. That order because her argument was that releasing that many people would hurt tried it. You know, the the prison labor labor before I definitely heard that hurts and it's true. And she she lost that that case, you know, when she fought to keep those people and properly locked up. This is a person who. For special interest and not the people, and you know, now she wants to sound like a progressive. She wants to. You know seem like she's and supported legalizing marijuana. But after how many people she prosecuted, very harshly and very severely wanna. But you know, this is why so tricky for me because when I read about know. You know, you see things like she paved the way for reentry into diversion initiatives in you know, she she implemented when she was a DA. She had a reentry and diversion Chrissie created a program program for reentry and diverted for nonviolent drug offenders in majority of them were arrested for crack violations, and this was long before that was made scream within the Democratic Party. And you look at the back on track program. She started in two thousand and four of you know, what I'm saying. So it's just like, I don't know. I hear these things, but they're not the other thing she's done to counter that. Yeah. That's true. True. But you know, you also have the follow the money because a lot of times. Titians Saito bones, and you have to look at the programs that they administer. You know, you have to look at the private interest groups that they have come in administer programs. You know, it's not just I think you understand what I'm saying. You're saying it's not your own personal belief are necessarily you wanting to do something positive for people that could be because it's beneficial for you and your position exactly exactly what thank you for your call memo. Hello. Who's this? Good morning. Josh are you guys? Hey, Josh, good morning. What are you thinking Harrison the breakfast club for I wanna take? Gratitude. I mean it especially using a platform to inform the masses because the was one of those people that fell victim to the circulating beams was pretty cool for her to come on the show and talk to the misinformation, and you guys asking questions to show her human life. So thank you for that. And also bringing on Senator Cory Booker a couple of weeks ago as well that was pretty cool as well. It's very very important to note that we don't bring them on. They wanna come themselves. Yeah. Yeah. Humble little weird flex. I hope that, you know, different candidates continue to accept the opportunity to come on come on as well. But do you like her or not? I do honestly especially after the. You know, minded talk human to me. Right. So after you ask those questions where she was, you know, gotta talk about how she smoked a little bit. And how we're talking about the green and just kind of like our family life that that kind of grinchey grew on me. So I wanted to do we wanted to take out of a politician talking just ask normal questions to see who she is as a person. Though, obviously not..

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