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Good guy good guy. He's alive fucking. He drove his car under one of these Under a bridge. That said don't do it and jammed his currently there. Oh my God trying to get a Bi. We've all done that. I did at one early on though when I was just learning to drive and driving to school and I had something on the floor of the passenger side. I think I can get that and you can get that and did the exact same thing but that was very early on in my driving career. Not In the late eighties. You know what I did. One Time Steve. When I was playing lots of golf and used to play in this big money game player back then and so my my deal was. I'm I got a second shot here into a par four Stevie Wright and I'm really concentrating lots of money on the line and I was took took my gloves off after hit. My tee shot just out of habit. I feel my glove off and throw it on my back then walked to my next shot and and I'd be standing there like like a like a Jack Jack. Nicholson Nicolas Looking at it. And I'd put my glove out and I put it on you. Know eyeing up the shot Steve. And then and then I'd seal the glove up but A. B. was inside the Glove. Jank's put the thing on. I got stabbed by one of my partners in the palm. You ever tried to get a golf glove off. Quickly Steve sweating a layer of skin better than murder Hornets. Hammering me in the bomb January. That's nasty nasty. Got Stung fifty. Two Times one time they counted in the Bush while engulfed fifty two. Steve did did a high fall on you or something. Noel I I was in the. I was playing in a tournament that everyone and went into the by hit my ball. Bush blazing hot against shorts on. And you gotta you gotta by by the rules here. You can't fuck around and you're not. You're not allowed to step on trees. You know to push them aside and all that stuff for you gotta just take your normal stance but it's a Rosebush okay and I'm getting clipped by these thorns or I thought it was a Rosebush Steve and it was a hive fucking. Got Up my crotch. Steve got into my bag. Everything a bit me on the bag. No the legs and it was awful. You was off. You've got to be staying on your bank. I did I did. I don't think ever had more than one beast at a time and it was always on a you know like a forearm. Something like it would sting years ago. That hurts dammit that stings but I can't even imagine having fifty and some of those on your bag. Yeah well I'll tell you what it is hard to imagine so when I when I get to. Ottawa will do a show for the summer. Something I'm GonNa Pinch your bag okay. I'm GonNa Pinch it okay. I'll let you try it on. You probably do that anyway. Even if we did for Science Pitch Beg. Oh you all bumblebee Jimmy. Little thing love it a couple of things on the sports front today. Maybe start with this of Andrew Cane kind of grabbed me in that. He's feeling like the. Nhl needs to provide more opportunities for players to show more personality. Cain does not lack for personality. We all know that. But he thinks the league and and his fellow players need to do a better job showcasing. What makes them special when the league gets back up and running and he told this to? Tsn On Friday. It's part of hockey culture to shy away from a lot of things the more we embrace uniqueness and people's differences and use it to our advantage the greater our league is going to be. I wouldn't say this guy's lineup willing to do their own reality. Tv show or wanting to be in front of the camera at all times so that's on us as players to want to embrace that side of the game a bit more and help the sport grow especially when it comes to the. Us What do you think of that? I think that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Could you imagine first of all what? What are they going to audition for? America's got talent whether they're GONNA join fear factor here okay. What if you're his. Could YOU IMAGINE Steve? If you're Zach Zach kid whereas the Buffalo Chicago where he's playing San Jose. You imagine if you're the head coach of San Jose and they had to fucking terrible year right. I don't think they're gonNA make the playoffs this year if we resume no deadline. They're like a third last year right now And Doug Wilson say right. He's jam in his son. I think his sons the assistant anyway. So it's the worst year ever with one of the most competitive general managers you've ever seen. Okay Doug Wilson. I know. I know you've met him over the years I know the guy. He's like fiercely. Competitive cannot stay. Could you imagine okay? Well the viruses hit here. You've got to be a lot of GM's thinking what are we going to do for next year? You know fucking frustrated in. What are we GONNA do. You gotta get the players onside and then you wake up this morning to hear. A cane is granting an interview. A guy to talk about what lies ahead for the NHL. And you're hoping maybe this kid fucking show a little humility Steve. Talk about what we need to do to win. You know we need to do it. Players have to be able to video their lives and stuff like that. Yeah really really. Is that what we're I mean? Could you imagine if I'm Doug Wilson I'm on the phone and fuck are you doing you idiot personality whatever? I don't even know what he means by that why I think he just wants more players to be like him is what it sounds like to me. Because of android Kane has never been shy to jump on social media and display or say controversial things like there was that url very early in his career. He basically at the lack of cash. And he's using wads of like you know hundred dollar bills this and like pretending like making a phone call out on the balcony of his sweet but at the phone call. It's not a fallen. It's actually a big Wad of cash. And he called it. The money phone was when he did a couple of years later where he's not another one where he did he was he was sounding. What social media? It was but he's doing pushups without a shirt on and sometimes people put weight on their back. They had their girlfriends sit on their back or pureed. He put a bunch of wads of cash again. All the weight of that is helping them workout and he's he's also been a controversial character because he's criticized the NHL for the way they do their business. I know there was some problems with the Winnipeg jets when he was there. I mean I mean I hear all these reports one that I keep hearing over and over again was there was almost like a solid mutiny against himself or or a prank against him in that. They threw his tracksuit into the team. Shower at one point Maybe just you know. Teach him a lesson about whatever So the the guy's been extremely personality laced through his whole career so it sounds to me like he wants more players to be more like him. I would listen you idiot. What's the money thing holding wads of cash pretending it's a fourth the money phone or doing push ups with a bunch of money on your back because it's heavy. How ABOUT AGAIN STEVE? I'm running the team. I got an idea how about using the Stanley Cup. How about you get that on your users of the Stanley Cup phone or put that on your back. Yeah okay can we. Can we do something like that? Vander whatever's frigging name is Cain you know. This guy's moron. Well I think I think I as a fan a someone who watches the game shirt. It'd be great to see you know some some more colorful commentary. But I mean I think about his teammate Joe Thornton who at one point I guess it was probably two or three years ago One of his teammates. Who Was it exactly? I think it was Thomas Hurdle and he scored four goals in a game and he got criticized by the media. Effectively in the media went to Joe Thornton and asked about hurriedly said Hey Heard overdid it a bit. If with a big celebration game was no longer in doubt as for the maybe a bit too much and Joe Thornton said if I ever got four goals I'd get my cocco and start stroking right. And he didn't he didn't mean for that to be publicized to the world but of course it got out there and there's a guy showing a little personality and having some fun with the media and he gets burned for it so if I were a pro hockey player or professional athlete in any sport. I'm sorry I'm not giving you too much because I know it will come back to haunt me well and didn't didn't I remember jumbo since we've been doing the show. Didn't he get pissed off and I was really mad at him for about asking for a trade. He was disappointed that he didn't get traded at the deadline. Because he wanted that one chance he still hasn't won a Stanley Cup after playing eighty three years in the NHL so disappointed that he didn't get moved. And I think both of us thought that was a bit odd because you say that after the why would you? Why the saying that after the fact is now you're you to some degree at least alienating potentially Your teammates and your fan base. Yeah I've well I remember that going. What are you doing joe but I never heard this story mode. If you've got four. Four goals like them again gave raccoon off his face today by the way we did. Okay Anyway on this thing. I just advise the captain of the team or something going. You know you got to back it up that Shit Steve. You gotta back it up and if you're GONNA do shit like that you know I get it. It's in fun. But you're GONNA get drilled. Here you're GONNA get fucking drilled your teams in last place. I'm GONNA do push ups with money on my back. No you're not gonNA find player. I've always thought he had more in the tank. I always thought he was going to be a little better player than he was. He's been a good player. No question above well above average but yeah I mean I think I sometimes wonder if is focused on the right place. You know maybe talk about wanting to get better for next year like you said off the top of this conversation. The sharks were dreadful this year. Maybe talk in terms of. Here's what we need to do. We need to get better. I need to get better. And don't be leader. You know talk about those things instead. You're getting into this thing. I mean I'm sure it's no big deal. I don't think he came and had a press conference about this. It was probably a throwaway line in this interview with. Tsn's Mark Masters. But it's still kind of makes me raise an eyebrow still the NHL. George Little Rock. He was out and Edmondson for a while as a tough Guy Montreal Canadian's and he's dealing with Cova nineteen these battling it hard. He's in the hospital still and he would be I think and Think you agree that he's in the discussion for one of the toughest? Nhl Players of all time. There weren't many people who are interested in fighting George Loerrach. They weren't to Jackie. But anyway and Laura Calls Battling Cova Nineteen. He calls it the worst thing ever. It takes all my energy just to get up so that sucks to hear that and you were. You had a a note his the medical side that I'd forgotten about. Yeah he's on. He's on the the. What do you call him? Steve Ventilators for asthma. We got the little proffering. GotTa take.

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