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That come you can come mile away all right let's take a look at what's happening on the roadways do 94 around the city looks pretty good at this hour early is eighty going in some ways looks pretty good of his report got a little bit of a little bit of static on the lime say for monitored and 15th 100 and third but you've seen worse the dan ryan is off zexing with a log pretty well even jane burn isn't too bad sky we toro formalized sixty five us kurdi incline avenue all moving along well thanks a lot to re nicholson river oaks honda probably serving northwards indiana wit is superior customer service and what do we have in terms of the weather only seventy two out right now as it seemed a lot warmer or like this really lightweight shirt and then you come into the studio and and these gays put the the put the air conditioner on early when they get here jimmy mullany an ryan walls because after awhile all the lights salala machines heat things up here and so right now if some he could come my way he portrayed outside it's us seventy two degrees outside in the second van kill studios grown up to all 83 it's gonna feel a warmer them after because thunderstorm in the area pretty yo humid day and tonight partly cloudy less human tomorrow mostly sunny unless human and a high of eighty so some of the humidity will suck out of the air we'll greet getting that new orleans came and weather and then saturday high seventy nine a morning shower thunder sermon that sunday high of 84 mostly sunny and be a typical epruc what were wins right now are from the southwest said about twelve to seventeen miles per hour well look i remember dr right here ranked says it's raining in a little bit if it is it's a very short liberate yet some clouds down and bloomington illinois am or banda in oh tower illinois work other than that things are just another morning stocks rupp yesterday just like they are just about every day near mall more than one year he in the.

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