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For awhile, crazy Ritchie agents as the airborne happy for poshness of good screwball comedy. Those I sixty minutes or so are treat lighthearted sure handed zippy that's a Mark Beeney of the Boston Globe. I finally crazy rich Asians won the reviewing this Sinophile. Thanks as always for checking us out and thank you. Robert Townsend. Listen back to the interview with this last week thought he was terrific, really funny and Seinfeld, good dude, and throw that he was able to make some time for us and thank you. Frank. Carlton Espy for him that up as always give some love on. I tunes rank and review, let us know what you like list, which don't like I'm into all of that kind of thing. In fact, I was even reading some of the recent reviews. People at posted only have one in September, but there's a couple of August and was very nice. The guy said, love your, you said you want feedback if it's negative debt. Do he says, why didn't like your father? Son list? You didn't include what dreams may come. The Robin Williams film. It's good father, daughter story. The Elsa said, a great film with Rachel mcadams called about time, which I've never seen. So. So chirp lab those. Listen also great top ten movies, check those out and thank you for making comments. Like I said, let's keep things rolling here for Maple. Leafs high, ranked, my movies, Rankin of five stars. Let me know what you like, what you don't like. I'll take it all before we get rolling. I got this package here. I'm so happy. It's Oscar ABC's. Now going to get screeners, big, big, Manila, envelope ear, and it says, just opened this minutes ago. Adnan Virk in ESPN films. I've include the first act of screenplay telled American low-life. I've worked on the hundred sixty four pages the final script for some time. I've described this film as a caper story that takes place in a small town, using football as a means about obation for both hero and villain. He goes on to scrap the story more. My hope is that yourself ESPN films is willing to help make a movie like American low-life. This gentleman sent me a screenplay. We're not deploying sin appeal. They have enough juice that I'm actually producing films. They think that I'm somehow involved with these fan films that I'm gonna read this green light it. I'm gonna just go ahead and we're gonna pick up the option on this doctor. I'll get kinda show on the phone right now. We wanna Oscar for Jay. Now we're gonna get one for American low-life. Very good title. Thank you Richard for sending at my way next time since screeners. Had a busy stretch and dancing busy Ritz have been Brizzi. Sometimes you're busy and eat a little change. I having trouble sleeping recently. So as I said in the pot, I went and watched insomnia was feeling overwhelmed county for the life I had. So I gave myself a case of vertigo sixtieth anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock film vertigo, which is one of the great masterpieces of all time and CNN awhile. So I hung her down and gave myself a couple hours respite in God what a movie exquisitely shot. That shouldn't be surprised. Anybody knows Hitchcock's work and the cinematography and the camera work is so detailed..

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