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The kids birth certificates like everything just anything he might need bring it in. But when we've done that it's actually been. I've often find I have more stuff than I need. But having it done than than your good. And then you can go so go do it. If you haven't done it, please please go all right off the soapbox. So do you have any are you going to be using your passports in the next year is with with the kids? Do you have your year kinda planned out travel? We might wind up in Canada. We went to the UK with a big kid last year. And we also took them to Montreal both great destinations that require passports. We may wind up in Canada at some point this year. I'm not sure if we will we haven't totally planned that out yet. But you've got some cool travel on deck your. Yeah. We're I mean, we haven't decided all of it, which I kinda think is fun. I like the idea that we don't actually know what we're doing for summer yet. We typically I would say are typical travel times are now spring break kind of end of summer like August like right before school starts, and then winter break because you realize it soon as your kids are in school like you're no longer able to stick some random week in the middle of may or something you're kinda limited. So we're doing a Disney cruise for spring break, which was my first cruise and actually really looking forward to this because we're doing it with friends. Is I think we'll make it even more fun. We are doing we don't know where to me in August. And I'm hoping maybe I'm going to get inspired. By this episode. Is it does seem like another time that might be a nice time to go back to Canada? And then in the winter, maybe some kind of ski slash Philadelphia combo again that might be our new thing. And then Josh, and I have a couple of couples trips coming up one to Nashville one in the summer to Colorado on both for concerts, agus Genevieve, I know houses, but Genevieve is already wailing about you're leaving her for Apple's Phipps just like I can send it. So I'm wailing in the background. I think you're right. Well, hopefully that will resolve itself resolve I've never been on a cruise. Maybe sometime. We'll you know, we'll have to report back on the Disney cruise because I'm sure that's the kind of cruise. My kids would wanna do. Right. Like, we we went to Alani two years ago, the Hawaii Disney resort and they love that. So I assume it's sort of various similar is like that only cruise ship form. So we'll we'll probably do. Doing that at some point in our life. Yeah. We tend to do we're we're probably not van big spring break thing this year because we're doing Disney in February. We have to summer weeks already planned there should be tweaks one Michael sisters lake house with certain extended family get together. And then we're doing a week in the jersey shore the end will probably doing something in the last week of August to just 'cause nobody's working. So it's a pretty easy way to take off. But this does start adding up calculated last week. I probably took six weeks of at least why vacation. I mean, it's never one hundred percent for me. I usually do you know somewhere between three and ten hours of work on any given vacation week from my time logs, but it's still it's a lot of time. And I'm not sure how how sustainable that. That is. So we'll funding don't have six weeks now in with my schedule works schedule-wise. So that's not gonna happen. It's it was. But the mean, we set that sort of bar like now the kids are like what are three. We're doing our the central three league. No, not three trips. But oh, well sway the sort of over did that. But yeah, no. It's just a one one seven before we get into our guest. This is the last week before Juliet school of possibilities comes out. Speaking of the jersey shore. Yes, Molly or staying in his semi the house that hurt her school of possibilities..

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