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I'm GonNa talk to Chris Montana now, and after that, with Melvin Carter the mayor of simple. With me as promised Chris Montana the first black owner of a spirits distillery. Is that right micro to Syria and do Nord Craft? Spirits interact with and the place sustained some damage from being set on fire. Is that correct during the demonstrations? Yeah, warehouse had about five fire set inside of it. Listen people get a word picture of somebody when when they're on and we can't win this video so I just WanNa make sure on the name. We've discussed this Chris. Montana complicated how you got Montana. Your birth mother got divorced when she got divorced. She just wanted she didn't WanNa made name. She didn't want her married name, so she just liked Montana. So you are Chris, Montana. I'll tell you why is this? I just do not want my audience. To get the idea that they may be giving money to black guy who's wearing like a fringed jacket. Cowboy boots and a Stetson. Riding a motorcycle. Or worse, a horse or something and the. Kind of word picture of who I'm talking to and I, just WANNA. Make sure that the Montana part. That's not you that that part that picture it usually throws people. Okay, let's go to the actual important stuff. K., you are in the Lake Street neighborhood. Yes, and That's where Denard crafts is, and you got you. Had Insurance had good insurance, right? How good it is remains to be seen, but we do have insurance and it's. It's going to help us deal with her with losses. So you're putting together a go fund me that Sarah. Sarah Silverman, and I will be helping and I hope my listeners will be helping if they want to. They can go to Al Franken Dot Com, and I just want them to know that none of this will be going to you or your micro story. Yeah, the the purpose of the go fund me has helped the other businesses who might be in a little bit of a worse. Situation we are. As you mentioned me of insurance, we'll see what it pays out is gonNA pay out something. A lot of people have none or their massively under insured, and we want to get some money in people's pockets quickly so that we don't lose some of these businesses that added to the diversity of businesses along the Lake Street corridor in other places in the twin cities I'll get back to the go fund me in a bit, but I just want folks to know how dedicated to your community immediately after the the demonstration and fires You also started a food pantry. Right. Yeah, well, I mean you call it what you want I've alternative like all of the food banks through. One way or the other were trying to get the needed essentials into community hands..

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