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The smoke take it takes over but officials say the victims ranged in all my lord two years old the twenty one years old you don't even like the report this some of the victims are trapped in the attic frankie five six words are al you didn't news on this correct yes earlier yes and they know they don't know but the circumstances and how the fire started but it was a very quick fire panel department responded with in four minutes of the caller ready the house was in engulfed in flames what how yeah how frankie will be here this is everything about this is tragic the two young children dying beyond rhetoric one man jumped from a second floor window in this queens village home to escape the the shooting range in the next smoke that's how bad the situation was that this guy said let me take my chances jumping out of a window instead of dealing with the blames and the smoke so it's a it's a we don't know as said how this started know it's just it's a tragic situation stay on our hearts go out to the families in the neighborhood there in queens to injured knee street in queens queens village condolences prayers and our hearts go out to such a such a set story seven seventeen with fiscal let me go to myra in new jersey good morning myra how you doing this morning running i love you thank you thank you so much hey what do you think this morning to grow yes police well i president trump is going to risk your considering all go underground mcgregor can't angelina and i tell you can we had eight years of obama were ruining our country i think we should be very blessed area pressuring trying so hard hit you only can could trigger country yeah i hear you margaret thank you so much thanks for listening for your kind words indeed i tend to agree i liked that he lease is attacking certain things even if they're just like an order that he signs that isn't really law at least he trying to do things they see that i like that he's has a very strong i think in our national defense policy in mad dog mattis and homeland security.

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