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Along with her seven year old daughter and two year old son them here appeared williams khadija shem before us everyday is full of agony is my niece alive or see that what about her kids are they dead already everyday we think of this for domes says her niece was forced to go to syria when her husband threatened to kidnap her children she had two sons then and was pregnant with her daughter her husband was killed in syria and her tucson's lost their lives in a boming intel far a few months later mrs madden insists her niece is innocent better get mother turf they're they're polite the handle unload it was as easy as going to the market to go to syria walls are being built now but why did they let all these people go there in the first place what will happen to those children if their mother is hanged in front of their eyes they have been victimized by their father we lose sleep thinking of our kids we're in agony in pain in fear with the islamic state group now a fragmented shell of its former self the fate for most of the captured women and children remains in the balance the turkish government says it is communicating with the authorities and bowed out to determine the future of its nationals however among many turks there is stronger position to the extradition of anyone involved with i s in syria or iraq there's simply do not want to see them come home report by celine garrett at least fifteen people have been killed and nearly seventy injured in an islamist attack in northeastern nigeria the emergency services said the bodies of those killed were recovered from villages near the city of my degree his africa editor mary harper this was a brazen attack a military official said seven suicide bombers attacked two villages while boko haram foot soldiers stormed a military base they then advanced on the city of my degree firing mortars but they were beaten back residents of the cities that they heard huge blots for more than an hour the military.

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